Axe stepping down from panel, Emilywaves takes his spot.

Axe stepping down from panel, Emilywaves takes his spot.

Source: Sheridan's Twitter

edit: Armada is still on the panel (thanks /u/PlayOnSunday)

Yo i feel like a lot of people forget what Emily has actually done. You know how everyone here says we should experiment with things like frozen ps, box controllers, or with ucf? Emily is literally the only major TO who has experimented with all of those things at nebs. Shes not just a TO, shes probably one of the most respected TOs in Tristate.

I'd rather have a prominent TO and head of a huge minority community than Axe, and I'm a huge Axe fanboy. Its a consultation committee, not a players union.

AFAIK Axe isn't a head TO at the level of Emily

Why single hugs out? There are others with much more dubious qualifications, like gimr and d1.

No disrespect to Axe, he's obviously one of the best in the world (and I love the guy), but better him than Armada, who is literally the best in the world.

also a leading spokesperson for EU. something to keep in mind

According to Sheridan's Twitter (, Axe stepped down so Armada wouldn't have to.

Emily is awesome. Good shit to Axe.

i think hugs would benefit/push forward discussion more than axe lol

One of the most knowledgeable and overall skilled members of the panel. Sigh.

I agreed with this before MIOM clarified that the only thing that the panel was deciding was gameplay related, and nothing outside of the game at all.

So the only ones really needed are TOs and players. Maybe coaches. But a streamer and commentator who mostly does Smash 4 and doesn't enter events? Not really.

While we're comparing, I'd rather have Axe than Emily.

Anyone else think the anime and casual player community is severely underrepresented on the panel? I think Armada should step down so Geoff Thew can have a spot.

What issues regarding Melee rulesets and controller legality do you think a TO would have more developed opinions on than a long-time top 100 competitor? Aren't TOs among the least affected by the decisions the committee will make?

Theres already so many top players in the panel. Before Emily, there was no TO from tristate (one of the largest scenes in the world). There was no TO who was proven to try new things out. Also, Axe voluntarily stepped down, that means he thinks that Emily's role in the committee is more valuable than his own.

You ever notice that people that complain about "virtue signaling" usually are more mad about the virtue than the signaling?

Now who's gonna step down so axe won't have too? (I vote for Hugs)

Whenever the community doesn't do exactly what a certain group of people want they always scream and yell and their friends write articles bashing our scene until it's given to them. Sad it has to be that way. This could have been done with some more grace from miom, but they are in a weird spot themselves. Emily is someone who COULD be on the 25, but it just sorta sucks she had to be included in this way. Leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Emily is actually a t.o. and might know more about that side of things than axe. Axe is a good player but that's not really what the panel is for.

Ok I need some help here.

The committe claims from the beginning its sole purpouse was to work on a rulesst. Not tournament stream or other issues.

They saw fit to invite Emilly because she was qualified in there eyes. It wasn't about gender, they just thought she'd be good for it.

She refused due to a communication problem.

Then the ensuing problem is she wants to get back on the committee when she realized what it really was but the seats were all filled.

Armada then steps down because he wants more female representation in the committee...which implies he thought the committee wasn't just a rules one but also one that would focus on the scene as a whole.

Then Axe decides to step down so Armada doesn't.

Is this all correct? Cause it still doesn't make sense to me why people keep bringing up that she's a women.

She was approached because of her TO experience, not because she was a girl. If they were aiming for highest qualifications, D1, Gimr, and the three TO's from different countries would not be in over Mango M2k, or the rest of the top 5 and top 15.

You can't complain about diversity in women when at least three people on that committee are there because of diversity (being a Japan, Dutch, and Latin American TO's.). And two are there because of their status in the comittee (D1 and Gimr).

And even besides that, almost half or more of the comittee are active ranked players (some of which happen to be TO's) and the other half is TO's and only ONE person for data which I guess is Pratical Tass? He's in there for being good with the data of the game, for a comittee based on rules I'd figure you'd have more then one person that specializes in data (unless I don't know something)

I just don't get it. She was already meant to be on the comittee regardless of her gender but then there was a fuck up and now people care she's replacing a player when that person she's placing left voluntarily and half the council is players anyway but is somehow missing two gods one of which is one of the most important figures in melee and the other is a guy literally nick named 'the robot'? All I'm saying is unless they both refused there's no reason for some other people being in there over them based on the reasoning they are using for Emilly not being there and I just don't get it.

Not at all. I've been a T.O. a number of times in the past in my region and i can tell you that rulesets are very important for ensuring a tournament runs smoothly. Stuff like mid set coaching, hand warmers, when to start Best of 5s. All those decisions effect bracket times immensely. Beyond that they may have a good perspective of what viewers want to see, what raises and lowers viewership numbers and how to help with that. T.O.s also take the brunt of the flack when a questionable rule is enforced such as the chudat/leffen UCF replay, or the komo 0.9 incident.

From the post about the committee's purpose:

The purpose of the Competition Committee has always been, and will continue to be, to collaborate on a recommended Melee ruleset whose scope is about gameplay rules only.


It does not guide the overall strategy and growth of the Melee scene.

D1 and Gimr's qualifications have nothing to do with the committee's duties, and as far as gameplay is concerned, there's a shitload of people more qualified to be there.

Wait isn't she the tristate to who was gonna take Armada's spot?

I'm just gonna paste /u/17falcos comment here because it's literally Emily's most important contribution to the scene, as outlined by the recent MIOM update on the purpose of the committee.

Yo i feel like a lot of people forget what Emily has actually done. You know how everyone here says we should experiment with things like frozen ps, box controllers, or with ucf? Emily is literally the only major TO who has experimented with all of those things at nebs. Shes not just a TO, shes probably one of the most respected TOs in Tristate.

She can actually speak from first-hand experience what it's like to TO events with non-vanilla Melee. Also she's the only one so far who hasn't fucked it up, unlike the Shine TOs.

The fact that she's a woman with a different perspective on player conduct may come into play later, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

I think Jim Jam Flim Flam would make a great addition to represent us casual joes.

Hugs has been a top level competitor for most of the game's history, that's like saying we shouldn't include Druggedfox because Leffen already plays the same character.

She's been a TO for quite a while and she cofounded the Smash Sisters group which is a fairly recognizable part of the community. Axe might be a really good player with a lot of game knowledge, but so are about half the other people on the panel. There's not a ton to set him apart.

On top of that I do honestly want more female representation in this community and feel that there's a good opportunity here as Emily is a prominent community leader who is qualified for the position. I don't support giving the position to someone just because of their gender, but if we have a qualified person who can help give more representation to groups lacking it I see no reason not to do so. For that same reason I'd also like to see an Australian community member of the committee as there currently is no representation for that part of the scene.

Jesse doesn't TO nebs anymore, and hasn't been too involved in a while. Emily and her team have been the ones pushing most of the changes/experimentation for quite a while

Dude u literally just used the minority argument for axe being on the panel because he is a pikachu main. If thats okay then theres no reason to be opposed to Emily being on the council. But forget all that. Pikachu mains are prolly <1% of melee scene, Where as Emily runs the biggest non major tournament in all of tristate which im betting is a little more than 1% of the melee scene.

what does hugs have to offer that isn't already offered by duck. (plenty of players on that panel have been in the community for 10 plus years if thats what you're going to say). Axe is literally the only player of his character and has also been a top 10 player since 2013-14.

Half the panel is already very highly ranked players. If the point of the panel was to have the best players they might as well have just taken the top 25 from MIOM ranks

I love Axe to death and he's basically my favorite player (along with Plup), but I think Emily and Armada are both better choices for the panel overall.

The fact she's a woman isn't everything, why do people keep bringing it up like that's the only reason she's invited. She's the head of a woman based organization and runs some of the largest locals on the east coast. She brings a completely unique perspective to the table.

I don't see why Pika is relevant here, and I'm a Pika main. You don't need another player when you already have 3 of the top 5.

It was his decision so no, it's not affirmitive action.

you do realize that without TOs, there are no tournaments for the players to compete on, right?

And i don't see why it's so hard for you to understand that she's taking his place because he GAVE it to her.

Emily is head TO of Nebulous and thus has the most experience in the nation when it comes to running tournaments that include memory card/gecko manipulation.

Community requested rules changes like frozen Pokemon Stadium, automated neutral start, UCF, quality of life gecko codes, and the legalization of box controllers we're all pushed through and experimented with on a regular basis at Nebs under her watch.

I agree despite being in the "don't care about gender reasons" camp

No it's not because she actually didn't even make it onto the panel. Someone had to drop out to give her a spot. And Axe/Armada were not pressured to drop out. They did it on their own volition because they saw the value of having at least one female perspective on the panel.

Because he thought she'd do better on the panel than him.

He's sexist dude. There's no getting to him on this one.

He can't see past the fact that she's a woman and has qualifications that axe respected. To him it's probably just another case of feminist SJW shit gone awry.

He's a top player who has been in the game and competed at a top level for years.

like half the people already on the panel, if not more.

you can't use the "too many TOs already" and then complain axe should've stayed because he's a top player.

I disagree with your first point. In any democratic setting it is crucial that minority groups have a direct voice and role in leadership.

You are correct. The answer is that Smash community has problems with women.

You notice how many of the comments opposing the decision are commenting on her being a girl, while downplaying or completely forgetting Emily's unique experience and contributions as a TO? How many comments are blaming her for what's happening? How few comments are suggesting that X other player (ANY other player) should have stepped down instead, or acting like Armada and Axe were somehow forced to do this?

The answer is that while this situation isn't really fair for anybody involved, for these people, it's all about Emily being a girl. That's it. Smash talks a big game about how accepting it is having women in the community, right up until the moment one takes spotlight for whatever reason.

Any annoyance I had in the last thread was mainly directed at the BS bait headline. I think it's a good thing to have women on the panel. Even if there are things I don't agree with I'm proud of how people are handling things. Axe is the man.

I could see your point with D1 but not at all gimr

There's other sides to making rules than just game play. Emily is a prominent t.o. and knowing that side if things helps structure rules to help with things like brackets taking too long

Good on axe. props to him

I'm glad one of the best and most technical players in the world gave up his spot so that the best player in the world didn't give up his spot because a person that turned down the initial offer to be on the panel changed their mind.

he would facilitate discussion way better? not a matter of perspective but what he'd have to say, ive seen members of the 25 also say this

You have a lot of people on the panel who are very vocal, imo its good to have people on the panel who listen rather than people with large egos that try to dominate discussion (aka blur)