Aww, How Nice!

Aww, How Nice!

so if you're saying if I start smoking, I'll die quicker and people'll be nice to me? sounds like a win-win!


A friend just passed away a few days ago from lung cancer. Hey,kids..smoking will kill you.

I thought the soda had been shaken up and was going to spray out her cigarette.

100% of people who quit smoking will die atleast once in their lifetime.

Free shit and a shorter life. Count me in.


No, stay.

┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

You can tell who smokes here by how defensive they got

Counting on it.

That’s awful, sorry for your loss. That’s the exact reason I quit 3 years ago. you’re literally paying to kill yourself, and your family and friends end up having to deal it.

I thought she was going to immediately open the new soda and put out the cig in it


put that table back down!

"Roasted" amiright

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



Away devil


Smoking is an excellent way to guarantee that your last years will be worse indeed.

Can't skip them, they'll just come earlier.



༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

I smoke and it's a stupid thing to do. Don't be nice to us, keep making it irritating as hell to smoke.

<( 👁 ͜ʖ👁)> begun, the Donger Wars have

And it makes you stink! Good for you!!

I actually thought she was going to say "Thank you" and then use the can to smash open the vending machine

Not that strange. Smoking just gives you a lot more tickets to the lung cancer lottery and your grandma has just been lucky enough to avoid winning it so far.

Smoking is sooo hard to quit. (Please don't pile on with stories about people or you that did) I'm 39, I started smoking at 13. It was very common where I grew up. I've quit so gnarly drugs but smoking is in my skin. The longest I went in my life was boot camp and I still managed to sneak a few.

Don't start youngins, it can be brutal to stop. Shit should be against the law.

I mean that's the whole point.

I don't think most people who smoke realize how much the smell clings to you. I quit five years ago and had no idea how bad it was until I wasn't doing it.

I watched this while smoking and laughed. Seriously, this was a good one. I don't know why other smokers are getting so pissy over it. Come on, we all know it isn't healthy.

Here buddy... have my soda.

Or just treat fellow humans with kindness regardless of if they smoke or not. Its not anybodys fault but your own that you smoke. If you wanna quit, then quit.

Source: ex smoker.

Um... You supposed to be nice to all of your friends, anyway.

Smart marketing campaign. No one likes pity they didn't ask for.

Agreed. I don't like the whole idea of social engineering and manipulating people to perform certain behaviors. I frankly don't care very much if you smoke or not -- that is an individual decision -- I will be nice to you if you're nice to me, let's all get along.

Imagine if cigs were free too, wew.

I started smoking to die sooner but the downside is that it's a horrible way to go.


Smoked her.

Help a smoker be guys


I know thats like, Leary or some other comedian, but its not all that funny.

Not because "serious business". But because it just doesn't make sense since you're not trading your 70s, 80s, and 90s. You're hastening them.

You still live them, just starting in your 40s.

Turn back, lots of depressed triggered smokers in the comments.

I don’t know. I told a lady the other day, outside the nicu where it is clearly marked all over that it is a non smoking campus, that she wasn’t supposed to smoke there and she told me to “go suck a dick.” I politely told her to “fuck off” and we went our ways. She did stop smoking at least so I think it was worth it.

Getting really tired of that sub’s culture. Glorifying suicide is going to bring back more emo bands and we don’t need that.

Agreed. My good friend of 61 passed last year. Pack a day since 15. Strangely enough my grandmother who is nearly 80 still smokes like a chimney. Still kicking.

It’s true; they did a study.

Nah fuck off. Don't encourage it, but don't be a cunt. I don't like that I do this, but I'm fucking addicted. Every time I've tried to quit has lead to a minor breakdown. I will keep trying. But fuck off.

Probably because smokers smell terrible and I have to interact with them. Do I tell them they smell terrible? No, I do not, but it’s really all I can think about during the interaction.

Because smoking affects more than just the smoker. It reeks.

Dude! Don't end it with cyanide. Go with like heroin or something, cyanide hurts.

Yeah, I thought she'd pour it out and use it as an ashtray.

I’m suicidal with severe depression and I smoke, don’t be rude to me, I have enough shit in life to deal with.

You probably like it because its much less strong to you.

I smoke now but I remember being disgusted when smokers would sit near me, especially in winter

You would have... wanted...this...better?

I thought they were gonna start making out

Dude he specifically asked for you not to pop in with your story.

10 minutes in that sub and I feel terrible. 🕸️

If I had to be nice to every single one of my friends who smoke I wouldn't be able to keep up

Apologies if this actually offended you beforehand, but do not fret, as long as there is a desire, there is a will, and as long as there is a will, there is hope! Keep going and be tenacious, eventually you'll succeed in quitting as long as you desire it :)

I can't tell if this is the ol' reddit satire but I'll counter argue that smoking just brings you 10 years closer to the wheelchair life. It does literally make your organs "age" (expire) faster.

Its most likely a case of survivorship bias.

Ahhh, yes I must be unbearable because I don’t like smelly people.

I agree, we should just outright kill anyone with cancer so we can have lower premiums.

“Do you smoke?” “No but I’ve been meaning to start”

Weird Al in UHF

Sometimes I think it's good genetics. Think about those elderly who still drink every day but never have liver failure. I quit last year when he passed. My sister, my mom, and my brother in law all still smoke so I'm curious to see who will win that lottery in my family. I mean shit. Even though I don't smoke any more I could still get cancer. Cancer gives zero fucks.

Half expected this to be one of those random storyline Japanese commercials.

Yes a burden. So are fat people, drug users, drinkers, homeless people. Let’s all be a shining example of perfection like u/hirdesh007

Smoking takes ten years off your life. Well it's the ten worst years, isn't it folks? It's the ones at the end! It's the wheelchair, kidney dialysis, adult diaper fucking years. You can have those years! We don't want 'em, alright?

Don’t know what original comment was, but I just thought I would share that your response is eloquent and encouraging. Never change

A percentage of people that don't stop smoking will die twice in their lifetime.

I'm an ex-smoker. Trust me, once you don't smoke you'll smell it on someone and it's honestly annoying as shit. Gets even worse for me because I have 'repentant sinner syndrome' and resent smoking now.

Smokers life choices are ruining the air quality for the rest of us. Smokers giving non-smokers lung cancer doesn't endear them to us.

Damn, she’s the butt of our jokes.

There's a lot of judgment for people who smoke, sure, but I think we still get treated better than other types of addicts. Frankly, we continue to inhale burning paper, tobacco, and a slew of chemicals rather than deal with the withdrawal symptoms and our withdrawal symptoms are a cake walk compared to some others. I mean.. people die withdrawing from hard drugs.

So, I get the condescending attitude. Do I like it? Not really, but you just treat it like every other thing you're judged for. You ignore it. There are people who will judge me because I have tattoos, shave the sides of my head, have multiple piercings.. They're all choices I made, just like starting and continuing to smoke, so I just roll with the punches.

Realizing there are other people who feel as bad as you can cheer you up and not get to the /sub/suicidewatch level

Every comment hereafter is the worst comment ever. In order.

Well to be fair, bad eating habits kill way more people and burden the system far more.

Regardless, treating people badly for their habits doesn't make them change their ways, it actually worsens it.

Edit: There's no reason to be mean to anyone because you disagree with what they put in their body. It's honestly kinda shitty.

Because I want my kids to grow up in a healthy society that doesn't encourage smoking. Plus smokers are a drain on the health system.

"we're here for a good time, not a long time"

Edit: "

I thought she was going to start bashing the machine with the soda can to retrieve the one she paid for.

Can we get ska back instead? Or the turn of the century punk?

No, you skip the middle years not the last years.

Fuck! Did not see that coming. I'm a smoker. I kept wondering what the deal with the cigarette was. I even thought she'd have more change if didn't spend money on cigarettes. Hurling butts from a smokey area.

It's a serious problem.

Implying smokers want to live as long as possible, good one.

Most people telling me "you know they can kill you right?" aren't saying so for the sake of my well-being, it's to smugly pretend they're smarter than me. I just want to throw the cigarette away, fall to my knees and cry "Oh God! How could I have not known?! You've saved my life, how can I ever repay you?!"

Treating someone who's miserable enough to slowly kill themselves like they're an idiot only reinforces the habit.

Sugary drinks will probably kill you as fast. Doubling down there.


Why aren’t you?

Are you the one person in this thread that actually got it?

Genetics are like the main factor actually

Now the song is stuck in my head

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノᴉɹɐlnɯǝ ᴉʌɐɹǝdɯᴉ ǝɹɐuǝɯO

Unexpected indeed but I hope the seriousness in this video reveals the dangers of smoking. It’s not worth a couple years of your beautiful life friends :’)

I mean it stinks and gives non smokers cancer too, so I think they were in the right.

Well you certainly chose one of the slowest ways to off yourself.

Funny...I saw the cig in her hand, and I was all, "How the fuck old is this commercial if they have a smoker in it?!"

That’s why I never go there. It’s like everybody there has severe clinical depression


My dad died of lung cancer and soon after I quit after 8 years of smoking . Just got to remember that you're in charge of yourself not the substance

Except she did pay for a soda. You see her put coins in the machine.

The worlds oldest war veteran smokes 3 cigars a day

He 111