Avoid sexual harassment claims by harassing on live television, like Conan

That's not sexual harassment.

The civil discourse in this thread will undoubtedly be both engaging and enlightening.

Context matters with something like this.

Has everyone forgotten how to stand up for themselves? Buncha goddamn pussies everywhere.

engaging and enlightening.

Did I agree to this? I won't stand for non-consensual engagement and enlightenment.

Anyone griping about this who didn't see the whole interview needs to shut the fuck up.

We know she's a singer, but whats her last name?

He's a fucking comedian. This isn't some behind closed doors jerk off session featuring Louis CK. Many of these comments most certainly have not seen the context here, and I would hope that people don't react so quickly to 5 contextless seconds but this is reddit after all.

If she isn't offended and he isn't offended... then how the fuck are you guys trying to spin this into sexual harassment? How can you will somebody that isn't a victim into being one just to fit an agenda?

God damn right!