Avalanche dog in training.

Avalanche dog in training.

Something about the adorability of that little guy combined with his noble and hopeful future just absolutely warms my heart.

Who's gonna save someone's life? Who's gonna be a hero? That's right, you are! Yes you are!

I just want to hug him D:


Same post, same title. Seriously OP, do SOMETHING original for once.

OP apparently is a student, has a wife of three years, works at hospital, still lives at home with his parents, has roommates, is 20 years old, and overall steals content for internet points.


This is not entirely true, even though the historical numbers may not favor the cute pups. Though I certainly don't want to disagree with you on the importance of knowledge and companion rescue gear, rescue dogs are still valuable tools, especially for ski areas.

Avalanche burials do happen in ski areas (30 fatalities 2004-2014), and the victims are usually caught without a beacon or other way of being found. Rescue dogs can search a debris field much faster than a probe team, thus increasing the chances of a live recovery. Also, as the popularity of side-country skiing (out of bounds, lift-accessed terrain) increases, does the likelihood of people getting caught in avalanches near to ski areas. In these scenarios, ski patrol and rescue dogs can respond rapidly, and greatly improve the chances of a live recovery.

Gotta source on that bold bullshit claim?

I had to remove all 14 of his submissions to /sub/adviceanimals for direct reposts. I doubt any of his submissions are not reposts

Dog reposter in training

This. Reddit is taken way too seriously. I mean, taking that much time to investigate and scrutinize OP when all he did is repost a picture from two months ago? So what if he loves his internet points. The silver lining is that those who hadn't enjoyed this adorable pup now get to do so.

I totally get pulling out the pitchforks over spreading misinformation that could actually negatively effect others, but this is just ridiculous. And I thought I had too much time on my hands.