Australian cricketer Nathan Lyon takes a screamer of a catch

Australian cricketer Nathan Lyon takes a screamer of a catch

This video plays a few different angles to really show the extent of the catch


Folklore dictates that those who rag on cricket and sports associated with Australia are actually haunted by the spirit of the handlebars of Mitchell Johnson at night instead of the boogeyman

Officially the most cricket I’ve ever watched.

Cricket on /sub/sports, get your bingo cards ready!

"DAE not understand cricket?"

"Not impressive. I did this exact move in little league."

"DAE really not understand cricket though?"

"Imagine if Lebron played cricket though. He would DOMINATE"

"Seriously guys I don't understand this game I need to keep telling you this"

A fairly simple explanation of what happened which includes some lingo you might have to work out the meaning of through context followed by "lol I know some of those words"


My favourite part is the reaction of the commentators at 0.54 seconds. Haha. And some of the angles really show what a great catch it was.

Will it get removed again

I thought he was going to do a glorious leap into a teammate's arms instead he gave weird double high-fives and everyone else trotted over to give the poorly-applied-sunscreen-man a head pat. Sweet catch though.

With this particular catch it's not so much the speed of the ball but the situation. He caught it full stretch, in the air, with his left hand, just after he bowled (the weird run-up, and overhand toss he does). I know there is some sort of weird rivalry between cricket and baseball at times, kind of like rugby and the NFL, but that was an extremely skilful catch.

No glove.

Don't waste your time, Americans will never admit to anything that might be superior to them. "I can do this all day in my backyard" yeah right, with a fucking glove on my grandma can too.

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I said "might" be superior, no one besides you Muricans started comparing to baseball, sometimes in life you can just enjoy something, say it was amazing and move on with your life instead of bringing it back to your sad little selves. My 4 year old daughter behaves better than that lol.

No glove, ball size, ball colour, climate, the fact that the bowler is fucking RUNNING towards the batsman before stretching to make the catch, all of these make this catch a screamer. Whether you like it or not.

As a baseball fan can someone explain why this is so cool? it was a soft blooper back to the bowler that he kinda leaped and caught.

The difference between those catches and this is the fact that having a glove makes it much easier to catch. You have to be more concerned with reaching the ball and once you do that, the actual catch is straightforward (although obviously they're probably exceptions).

Here, reaching the ball is like half the battle. The other half is trying to ensure that it hits the right part of the hand so that it doesn't either bounce out straight away or burst through the fingers, while also taking care on the landing to make sure hitting the ground doesn't pop the ball out of the hand, something that can happen quite easily if you aren't careful.

They stand in the sun in Australia for like 6 hours a day for 5 days. That sunscreen is applied expertly

Its a wonder you and all your friends aren't rich famous sports stars then, these guys are nothing special at all aye?

And to cricket fans THAT catch isn't impressive because he has a godamn fishing basket for a hand, how could he NOT catch that?

As an Englishman, this catch is offensively good.

So, this catch=your mom.

Nah they usually throw in the towel, head home, hop on reddit and bash sports they’ve never watched before and claim they’d have made the NBA if it wasn’t for that damn degenerative knee injury

That's the Australian wicket keeper. Notice his helmet is green while the English guy who hit it wears a blue one.

I see people complaining and saying this was an easy catch. • For starters its hard to reposition after following through with a bowl • that's a full extension dive with the ball traveling at around 90km/h • This ain't no kiddie ground. That shit is about as hard as concrete, good fucking luck wanting to dive for That • people dont even see the risk of injury either

Rub Lyon’s head for good luck.

Additionally contrary to popular belief that the boogeyman fills your mouth with worms, Mitchell Johnson fills your helmet with bouncers


It was athletic. If you watched that and weren't impressed by his athleticism then oh well but it's akin to a 3rd baseman or short stop laying out to catch a ball. The "kinda leap" as you described it was the impressive part.

Coincidentally both are screamers

thank you.

coz mericans?

/sub/cricket is a really friendly community for people who are actually interested in learning about the game. If you make fun of it expect to get trolled by if you come in with genuine questions and want to know what and when to watch they're really helpful.

Cricket is actually not that hard to understand initially, it's just when you get into the frankly archaic terminology that you'll start to struggle for a bit. After that you'll be talking about off breaks, doosras, chin music and silly mid off's with the best of us. Yes, those are all real terms.

This. I played cricket in high school. That ball is freakin' hard, and learning to have "soft" hands, as opposed to breaking fingers, was an art in itself. I love baseball, but great fielding is usually called "flashing the leather" for a reason.

It honestly boils down to the word screamer being used. Without context, for North Americans we think of screamers as the balls moving at high velocity.

In cricket, a screamer is used to describe a very difficult catch.

So everyone saying they are impressed by the very difficult catch, they just don't consider it a "screamer" (like this kind of catch: ) that they are used to seeing.

Because a wicket is more important. People can take over a day to get out. They don't just hit the ball once

In baseball they have gloves to assist them so it's easier to catch the ball.

This angle makes the wicket (and consequently the speed of the ball) look much smaller than it is.

Who then decided not to enforce the follow-on and bat under lights with a pink ball to one of the best swing bowlers ever...

Damn I miss watching cricket. Those things went for days, great to watch!

In fairness Baseball has the glove that makes catching easier

Commentary does make this clip so much better. One instance where having sound on actually contributes to a highlight.

and sometimes a fielder who's in close to the wicket will be given gloves too

Excuse me? Law 27 would disagree.

Yes it is but not because of the no gloves. It's more because batsmen in cricket have an incentive to play more carefully (especially in test cricket) and don't need to slog every single ball (pitch).

Diving one handed catches? No, they dont do that every game. Nice try though.....

Thats what cricket bowlers do.............

I think most are impressed with the athleticism, but are simply scratching their heads at it being described as a "screamer". That describes my reaction anyway.

Well when you're wearing the fucking big dipper on your hand catching the ball is a lot easier

"bowlin' Gary!"

What are those microphones? It looks like they’re about to shave their mustaches.

Downvote because I'm English and salty

Arguably this is a tougher skill, to catch that ball from that distance, at speed, with no glove on. The bowler is only about 20 yards from the batsman, so has much less time to react than a baseball pitcher, and his action would take him away from the flight of the ball, so the readjustment of his body is impressive as hell.

I mean no disrespect to baseball btw

If you REALLY want validation just look up some Ricky Ponting catches if you wanna see reflex at 100mph

Wow there are some cancerous comments in this thread. Great catch by the way Gaz!

DAE not understand gay Lebron little league?

I'm pretty sure that's the type of mics used for sports commentary in general. That's the type I see being used in cricket and also in Hollywood movies when someone does commentary. My guess is that it picks up sound only from close proximity.

Screamer has a different meaning for different sports.

In baseball, a "screamer" is a very hard hit, like the ball rocketing off the bat.

In cricket, a "screamer" is a very difficult catch.

With a larger and softer ball too don't forget

No glove?

It's cricket on /sub/sports - just the usual

And pace, REAL PACE

Gloves make it easier for baseballers

Just bag on england and you'll be good mate

Go and play it against good people

It is definitely not easy to be good at it. It takes a lot of technique and the ball is good VERY fast when it’s hit normally so will break fingers if you catch it wrong

You obviously haven't seen the Windies do it.

NFL? That game where they play rugby while wearing 10 tonnes of protective equipment?

In baseball you get 10 opportunities to bat in one match that last one day. In test cricket you get two chances to bat over 5 days.

The catch was difficult but also in the context of the game it was also necessary. It opened up the tail of the batting lineup, and Moeen Ali (who got out) is a skilled batsman.

The chances to get someone out are slim when you’re playing up to a cumulative total of 40-45 hours.

Bowling in cricket is also incredibly different to pitching in baseball. Your body has to perform a range of motion that does not put you in a position to follow through with a catch in the opposite direction.

In the next wicket, Mitchell Starc bowled a 145km/h ball and had it struck back to him and he caught it. That shit tears your hand up. Cricket balls are way harder than a baseball.

You probably had a glove the size of your arse on which takes the hardest part of the catch out of the equation

Which is an entirely different "stage" to an Ashes Test match, which is pretty big in the cricket world- specifically in England and Australia.

ITT: Ignorant yanks

And the ball is way harder than in baseball

Inserts Brett Lee video

There are highlights in NFL?

Definitely not catch of the year but it's a very good catch. I reckon you wouldn't have even moved towards you armchair specialist

Lol, I used to wonder what I hated about Americans until I sought their opinions out on sports. You guys truly believe that America is the only country that exists.

Only the wicketkeeper (the guy behind the batsman) is allowed gloves

I have never seen more down voted comments. I'm quite honestly now more interested in seeing a cricket game.

Let's do that cricket!

No they wouldn't pal

It was half a second between the ball hitting the bat and the ball hitting his hand. In that half second he was judged the ball's trajectory and speed, leaped accordingly to his left, tracked the ball while moving both horizontally and vertically enough to move his arm and hand to the right position to not only make contact with the ball, but to ensure that it hits the right part of the hand as well or else he would drop it and to top it off managed to land safely without the ball spilling out.

best catches in Cricket

If anyone is interested, here is a cool compilation of the .

Mostly a British thing I believe.

Don't even like cricket anyway .. what's an ashes load of shite in my book. I'm not crying you are

It's a day/night test match (played from 2pm to 9pm). They use a special pink ball for these games to make it more visible at night, under lights.

Rub his head for good luck

I don't even like cricket. But baseball gloves literally catch the ball for you. Couldn't believe the first time I got to fuck around with one, provided your hand is in the general vicinity of the balls path you'll catch it.

Old old? I thought it was "Catches win matches"

How much help would his glove have given? Looks like he just stuck his hand out and it stuck.

I've never seen a pitcher dive from the mound to take a barehanded catch.

Baseball fan now living in England here. It's the context more than anything 1) every out in cricket is reall really really important if judged relative to baseball (as in 1guy bats forever until he is out, and can score 50 or 100 runs in a good day of cricket). 2) This game is the ashes series which is a super important series between England and Australia for a very coveted trophy (the ashes). As far as catches go its a nice catch but nothing to write home about.

It sort of makes sense to give the bowlers a rest especially considering the injury history of starc and Cummins

NEWSFLASH: The world doesn't revolve around America

It was a term relevant to the sport posted.

If I could afford to give you gold, I would.

That’s the common misconception. Baseball is not more faster or quicker than cricket. If you know nothing about cricket then what you’re basing it on is opinion.

The fastest deliveries in cricket are roughly the same to baseball. In cricket it’s harder to face a delivery because of multiple factors. The ball can swing through the air, deviate off the pitch, and doesn’t have to adhere to hitting a strike zone.

What your watching is spin bowling not pace bowling. This catch was difficult but as you can see on this thread most people who understand that have played or have watched cricket in their home countries.

You also have a catchers mit which is normally only used by coaches in training. Bare hand ain’t easy, cricket balls are like solid concrete.

In case you were unaware, a cricket ball is made of WOOD and is coated with leather. It is incredibly more difficult to catch a cricket ball than a baseball.

Do hot European chicks like cricket??

The length of the pitch in cricket is about 22 metres. In the video, the ball travels almost the full length of the pitch in under a second before being caught.

22 metres/second = ~80 kph = ~50 mph.

So yeah under 55 mph but not that far off

Okay, here you go:

Homie looks like Jim Rash.

Ah, Americans. They never pass up an opportunity to make themselves look closed minded and ignorant.

These are much better catches:

There's no way for grown men to look cool while doing chest-height double high fives.

but you do look weak when you need a glove to catch...

Cool story bro

Did they mistake the ball for his head? Why can't they grab his ass like an American sport.

Absolutely nothing impressive about this catch.