Australian Bicycle Race Finish Line

No wonder those bicyclists were going so fast

Australia is only a couple of steps away from just being Mad Max.

For those who don't watch much cycle racing, this truck is usually present during races, following somewhat behind the last field of cyclists, carrying all the steroids...

I was surprised to see they were able to move her hair when they went by.

" fuck yo race, can't finish if I steal the finish line"

The lady with the parasol is like, "well...Fuck!"

only a couple? geez m8 we better get crackin

Just one truck? Was Lance Armstrong not competing in this one?

why is there a weird cut? did she swear in the video?

"Every goddamn year..."

race-ist :(

We have a criterium race in Columbus I attended and there is definitely a strong breeze generated by a cycling pack.

That cycling pack is called a peloton.

"Oi, mate! I don't make enough dollarydoos for you cunts to tell me what I should patrol."

It seems like there would be some law enforcement escort for an event like that.

I don't think that last bike was regulation

No, it's there to give them incentive to pedal harder.

Go out bush and you'll see Mad Max alright

The truck was there to motivate them to cycle faster.

yeah he buttoned off because the truck audio was ruining the ptc, then quickly went back into record when he saw it hit

Tour de Pharmacy is a great film.

TIL what that cycle machine plastered all over TV ads is named after

Hey I’d be that pissed off too if I came in last


The truck seems to be going quite fast. If one of the cyclist falls, can it stop in time?

Stupid truck just made the race longer.

Not really, I saw the full clip earlier. She just swore.

And they didn't get police involved.

Especially as you were driving a truck

Was a shithole finish line anyways.

I got nothing on this one weekend now the Ashes is over

I mean literally I've got nothing on, I only get dressed for sporting events

Bush mechanics..

Cops would be too busy rolling on the floor laughing.


because this is the whole sentence:

prior to the end of the opening stage

so it's the before the end of the first race of the event.


Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― at the end was the best part.


I heard that Australian police were actually really well paid compared to most other countries, I'm not sure whether it's true but I want people to pay attention to me.

The truck was part of traffic moving through the finish area just prior to the end of the opening stage of the race

"prior to the end of the opening"

Why can't I understand this sentence?

With due respect to Finland's military history, the Finish line just collapsed.

That's the word for what a peloton does.

I fixed a car with a leaf once. Sitting at the lights and the accelerator pedal dropped flat. Pushed it round the corner, popped the bonnet The pin hlding the cable in to the pedal had disappeared. Makeshift temporary fixup available around me, stem of a liquid amber leaf..strong, flexible, had a nob at each us home.replaced it with a paperclip, $750 car, good for that age


That was the last straw.

are you sure it’s not called a...pedalaton

Universal sign for fuck.

Fun fact: peloton is Finnish for fearless.

Is it? I thought the peloton was the largest group of riders?

I'd give my left nut to be in that race.

Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

I find Sarah Hancock quite attractive.

Fackin? No, just no. Away with you