Austin Rogers on Cash Cab in 2010

Austin Rogers on Cash Cab in 2010
Austin Rogers on Cash Cab in 2010

This may have been the beginning of Austin's trivia career. From what I understand, it is pure happenstance that someone hailing a cab winds up as a passenger in the Cash Cab. At one point, the host, Ben Bailey, looks at the camera and says, "This guy knows everything!"

Haha, how'd you find this? I really miss Cash Cab-- I'd watch it with my roommates as warmup for Jeopardy, which came on right after.

At the end Austin says "I'm taking your job!" to Ben. He should host a Cash Cab reboot!

Baja California has been very good to Austin. I'm pretty sure that was an answer on both shows.

I think, while the video was uploaded in 2010, the show aired earlier since you can see a bus in the b-roll with an Elder Scrolls Oblivion(2006) advertisement on it.

Some contestants are pre-screened, some are random:

Yep. I believe they're vague about it, they're like "hey you want to go on a trivia game show" and if you say yes they'll be like "okay, we'll call a cab for you" so people still kinda get surprised when they find out the game show is the cab itself but you're not going to randomly hail the cash cab normally.

By God he's done it again!

How did you get this link OP? The video's private (unsearchable).

LOL no it isn't random at all. You sign up and set up a time/place for pick-up. That said, I totally remember this episode but did not recognize Austin at all. That's awesome.

Cash Cab is coming back this year with Ben Bailey as the host!

could of

Did you mean could've?

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He should buy a place there...since he can now.

I’ve really enjoyed his appearances on Jeopardy, but him hosting his own show might be a little much.

"I'm going to go fondle some produce."

Classic! That should be on a shirt!!