Aurora Council Candidate shares 'Black Privilege' post about black people being killed by whites at a smaller rate

Aurora Council Candidate shares 'Black Privilege' post about black people being killed by whites at a smaller rate
Aurora Council Candidate shares 'Black Privilege' post about black people being killed by whites ...

Man posts facts?

In refuting the information that the council candidate posted, the author of this story writes that in 2015, blacks were responsible for 15% of all white killings, while whites were responsible for only 8% of all black killings. Did the author really refute the guy's post? Because if those are the real figures, it seems like it only bolsters the council candidate's argument.

The statistical likelihood of you being shot by a cop anywhere in NYC was higher than you getting shot by a black man in the ghetto.

Did you use the statistic of police shootings (most are justified) versus criminal shootings (most are unjustified) and compare them?

Except black men are 6% of the population who commit 52% of all murders. Which means they commit crime at over 6x the rate white people do. They are actually killed by police disproportionately less than their crime rates would suggest...

How is it racist? We hear about white privilege everyday, why not talk about black privilege as well?

All the way back to olden times of 2 years ago...

Pretty much

No, but 6x the crime rate explains why police are patrolling those areas very well. Perhaps if black crime rates weren't 6x worse than white crime rate there wouldn't be as many police interactions with black people.

Black People shot by cops is in DIRECT proportion to black crime rates... go figure

Very true, I get my white privilege check every month on the 4th (or the first business day following if it lands on the weekend).

Facts that I hate.

I tend to not waste time on fake things.

Sounds a lot like that white privilege that racist black folk cling to

But these facts are racist!

Hate facts

Well no he is very real and very much the President

They are the real numbers. Notice how his opponents were outraged yet unable to disprove

Wait, so they went back through his history to find this post from 2015 to try to throw in his face? That's hilariously sad.

You would have to compare them otherwise they are false equivalencies. Any justified homicide should be removed from both sides of the data.

Why are you so racist?

The study showed that blacks were responsible for 15% of white deaths, while white people were responsible for 8% of black deaths.

What the claim was that more white people die at black people's hands than black people do at white people's hands. There is nothing about white on white or black on black crime.

Are you claiming that less than 1% of homicides by cop is justified?

People are getting into an argument about race, when it seems to me it should be an argument about statistics, or if the statistics from the original post are reliable.

As a white man, I feel like I cling to my privilege

Dude, just stop. Nobody has taken you seriously for a while.

You think you need to be the government to see Facebook posts?

no one was alive then.

What's a hate fact?

No you created a strawman and didnt cite anything then you lumped storefront in with t_d thay is ridiculous

He's not wrong, you know...

It would be hilariously incompetent if they didn't find this post from 2 years ago.

If you work for gubmint they can search your personal phone and laptop. Long live big brother.

My point is they will monitor your device