August Ames, 23, Passes Away

August Ames, 23, Passes Away

Last tweet:

fuck y'all

well, I guess she meant it.

If anyone I know brings this up, I'm just going to pretend that I don't know who this is.

Unnecessary plastic surgery will do that to ya.

She got into a Twitter fight because people thought she was being homophobic simply because she didn't want to shoot a scene with a man who shot gay porn.

She got so antagonized about it that it lead to this.

She believed that she was putting herself at risk working with a man who worked with men before because they don't go under the same protocol for testing for STIs and the like.

She was wrong (gay porn actors DO get tested) but people took it way wrong and were calling her homophobic.

She died for no reason. People drove someone over the edge simply taking precautions.

Unfortunately, the only people that will really feel fucked are the ones that care about her, and her future self that never will exist now.

Assuming it's suicide, she fucked that older self the most, the one that 10 years later would have been more mature, more at peace, happier, with tons more life experience, and an awareness of how insignificant were all the things that pushed her to kill herself so young.

I’m saying statistics are a thing that adults don’t ignore.

4 years in the industry, 270 flicks.


There's nothing wrong with watching porn, nothing to hide, especially since she was a very well-known actress.

Ah yes, girl who has done a fuck load of lesbian porn gets accused of being homophobic for not wanting to have sex with males who "have shot gay porn" (for some clearly obvious reasons). I guess people aren't allowed to fuck who they want now ?

"shot gay porn" being the key thing in what she said,

What the hell goes through peoples heads to attack her so much to drive her to suicide?

Nice try, wife.

Holy shit, that’s sad. Just a kid.

Wow. first Shyla Stylez, and now this