Attitude is everything! 👏

Attitude is everything! 👏

“We are winning 28 to 3...we got this”

The way you talk to yourself is very important.

The soul is dyed the color of it’s thoughts

hey... keep this wholesome.

” ' V Me to me:

”You can do it"

”You're a winner"

”You're a black king"

”You're talented”

”Nothing can stop you”

”This semester is yours"

First day of classes let's get it.

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Encouraging yourself is just as important as being able to look at yourself critically

Me to me:


By the end of that instead of being statements they become questions and that's where crippling anxiety kicks in 👍

Good bot. Well done

As a Panther fan i find it wholesome! 😂

It’s so much easier to be super critical

In my dk khaled voice



I say this to myself in the bathroom mirror too, right before i drop some knowledge on my toilet. 🔥


As an Eagles fan... Fuck that noise.

Edit: I am truly terrified of this weekend. Don't burn us too much Julio.

Donkey Kong Khaled. Let’s get it.

All I see is a guy who is licking his lips in a mirror. Someone get him some chapstick