attended the Vermont Gubernatorial debate yesterday - it looked like an SNL skit

attended the Vermont Gubernatorial debate yesterday - it looked like an SNL skit

All I can imagine is the lady on the left (in the middle) saying, "I do declare!" over and over again during the debate.

She's from southern Vermont.

Ah 'murica.

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. "

-Winston Churchill

My question is for the old timey prospector. No, the other one.

Well I do declare...

"So how do you feel about the men you are running against?"

"Well bless their hearts..."

Ah yes, Vermin Supreme. The man who promised to re-instate slavery if elected.

Idaho gubernatorial debate

Reminds me of a recent . That link is just the highlights, but honestly the whole thing is worth watching.


This was a Republican primary debate, if I remember correctly. And yes, the WHOLE THING was amazing. It's available .

Some highlight lines:

Bayes: “I honestly think half of the Republican Party is Democrats, and half of the Democratic Party is Communists.”

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter: “It’s a great idea to get back all our land, and I wish them well, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Brown: “Taxes are a drag. I don’t even like to think about it.”

Brown: “I’ve got a master’s in raising hell.”

Otter, explaining the difficulty with health-care exchanges: “We didn’t learn from the wolf episode.”

Bayes: “I did kill a wolf, when it was still an endangered species.”

Brown: “Belay that.”

Bayes, who wants “to take Idaho back from the federal government”: “We’re wasting all kinds of wood out there.”

Brown: “I’m a modest guy, but I’m gonna say, I’m a great leader.”

Brown: “Bikers, we are cop magnets, like a Playboy bunny with a miniskirt gets hit on all the time.”

Bayes, asked if he could govern: “They told me we couldn’t home-school. I prayed about it. I stood on my hind legs like a man. I told ‘em what I thought of ‘em, and the television would talk to me for thirty minutes or an hour: Well what would you do if they came out to take your kids? Well, you’d shoot ‘em. What else would you do? I can stand up when these guys are falling down.”

Brown: As a taxi driver, he said, “I’ve picked up my fair share of the gay community. And they have true love for one another. I’m telling you, they love each other more than I love my motorcycle.”

Brown: “I don’t like political correctness! Can I say this? It sucks! … I’m about as politically correct as your proverbial turd in a punchbowl. And I’m proud of it. And I’m going for it.”

He's not trying to win some popularity contest!

Brriefly, from left to right:

Peter Diamondstone, liberty union party. Socialist and secessionist, believes Vermont should secede from the United States. Hates capitalism, loves Marx.

Emily Peyton, independent. Wore a silly hat, and the only time she got really worked up was when she discussed the closures of rest stops along I-89, which caused one of her friends to have to pull over in a small town to use the bathroom. Warns that litigation will follow this event.

Dan Feliciano, libertarian. Stalwart opponent of the single-payer health care system. Don't know much about him.

Scott Milne, republican. Concerned about the budget.

Bernard Peters, independant, whose entire platform seems to revolve around him being a 'working man'. I think this is the guy who had nothing to say about healthcare reform, but thought that we should let students come up with the plan.

Cris Ericson, independent. Turns every talking point into a monologue on the issues with Lake Champlain. Believes boats should not be allowed on the lake.

Finally, governor Peter Shumlin. Democrat. Interested in health care reform.

edit: had them in the wrong order.

"How many years have you been active in local politics?"

"Young man, it's impolite to ask such a question of a lady. Your mother would not approve, but very well. I've been active in the Townshend PTA for a démodé length of time."

Aren't you precious!

They say that one watch out for that.

That man threw glitter on me. I'd still vote for him. Come on, how can you pass up free ponies?

"Sir, you're running for president. You are, by definition, trying to win a popularity contest."

Unless you're in Florida... well nobody really wins in Florida.

Bernard Peters

Peter Diamondstone - Liberty Union Party

Cris Ericson - Marijuana Party

Dan Feliciano - Libertarian

Scott Milne - Republican

- Independent

Emily Peyton - Republican Organic Truther

Gov. Peter Shumlin - Democrat

$3.99 was a bargain for, easily, $8 worth of laughing. Thank you.

From left: Peter Diamondstone, Cris Ericson, Dan Feliciano, Scott Milne, Bernard Peters, Emily Peyton and Gov. Peter Shumlin.

I like the cut of your Jeb.

Real Southern women really do say that sometimes! When I first moved to the South I thought it was really sweet until I learned that sometimes they say that when they don't like you.

Edit: So after reading all these replies, it turns out that apparently everyone down here dislikes me, thinks I'm an idiot, mentally disabled, and/or a carpet bagger. :/

Republican Organic Truther.. ffs she sounds uber crazy

If you can even find one. You probably have about a 1/10 chance nowadays.

She looks like a second grade teacher on Halloween.

I can just see Cris Ericson in her bedroom before the debate.

"Oh yes, this over-sized church hat will certainly make the voters take me and the Marijuana Party seriously."

you're telling me that the woman whos dressed up like shes god damned professor umbridge, is arguing FOR marijuana? woah

The crazies always run. The crazies never win.


At the end it suggested which I watched and WTF.

Wow...he is well spoken, but his ridiculousness gets old real fast.


Them's lynchin' words.

In spirit and incisors.

Fucking lost it.

"He's not going ape shit, he's just translating it to the black girl"

~from the comments

Pure genius

close, but you don't use it and say something so negative - in discussing someone who sure is ugly, one might say, "she tries her best to appear presentable, bless her heart."

That's when you say, "Aww, not as precious as YOU!"

Someone please give me a run down of these folks. The tall suited guy in the middle just has a look of.... seriously?... seriously?... these are the people I am running against?

I think it might have gone more like this;

"Should I wear the big hat, or the really big hat"

Pic of really big hat

I think it might have gone more like this;

"Should I wear the big hat, or the really big hat"

Fucker is wearing shorts!

Should invite Vermin

He also promised everyone ponies. Ponies for everyone!


Wow that felt good.

easy there blanche dubois

I just filled out a form waiving my right to vote in Connecticut (where I'm from) in order to vote in Vermont (where I go to school) for the year. This photo is making me have second thoughts.

That or "Well I've never!" Passes out

You stole my joke off of Imgur an hour after I posted it.  I had to register just to call you out.

You stole my joke off of Imgur an hour after I posted it. I had to register just to call you out.

He is the Randy Savage of politics

Hold the fucking phone... your current governor is "Butch Otter"?

a nation Indentured


Our salivation is at stake


At first he was right and pretty inspirational, until he turned gorilla. Never go gorilla.

No, I just put it in quotes because otherwise it would sound like I was addressing the OP

Dude it looks like a casting call for a scooby doo villain.

He is a satirical genius. Or batshit. Either way, I love him.

You are correct, it was the last primary debate. Otter made sure the crazies were there to take away any serious attention that may have been given to Fulcher. The same guys are always candidates and are usually not invited to the debates. Otter seems to hate competition as much as he does people that aren't millionaires so this isn't all that surprising.

OMG, why didn't Dean Pelton ever dress as Paula DEAN?!

When I first moved to the South I thought it was really sweet

Well bless your heart....

No, my current governor is Rick Perry. Not that that's any less crazy.

Bush won in Florida, it just took a couple tries.

You're telling me this guy loves Marx? You don't say?

You're telling me loves Marx? You don't say?


Oh, Percy, I'm catchin' the vapors! Quick, bring me a chaise before I have a spell!

When talking about some one, "bless their heart" is almost always a negative thing. I'd say upwards of 90% of the time it's used to mask something. Like "bless her heart, she sure is ugly."

It's not so much a mean, sarcastic thing, as an expression of pity. I think that confuses non-natives, because they think people are being rude, but it covers a multitude of situations. "Joan is caring for her terminally ill mother, and they are really struggling." "Bless her heart." "She's trying her best, bless her heart." Etc.

Source: am southern, bless my heart.

Peter Diamondstone - Liberty Union Party

I got fascinated by these people, even though I'm not in Vermont. I think their 'Top Priority' videos are the most telling of their agendas:

- Amish Socialist. Cris Ericson - Marijuana Party - F-35 Jets, Solar Flares, and Power grids (?!?) Dan Feliciano - Libertarian - More jobs, less government Scott Milne - Republican - Defeatist and rejected. Bernard Peters - Independent - Duck Dynasty dude is upset about losin' huntin' land Emily Peyton - Republican Organic Truther - Imagine all the people... Gov. Peter Shumlin - Democrat - "I'm going to win this thing anyway, I'm not sticking around to answer questions like these other looneys"

A pony based economy!!!

If all you get out of what he is saying is that it's "ridiculously" you're not paying attention to real politics enough.

He's using his jokes and ridiculousness to shed light on the lies of actual politicians.

YouTube comment sections scare me.


Is that Leslie Knope?

It's for impromptu hotboxing.

My hat is a boot, now make me president.

At one point she went on a tirade about Peter Shumlin's (incumbent democrat) supposed crusade against highway rest areas, ending with "you are uncivilized!"

The question was about Vermont's healthcare system if I remember correctly.

What just happened? Did he have a seizure?

And the gentlemen opposite her says nothing but "Oh, that's hogwash! ...dagnabbit."

Extremely Silly Party

Half are from the

Mediator: This question is for Madame Sillihat. What is your approach to tax reform?

Madame Sillihat: I do declare!

cue laugh track

This is pretty ironic, you've made a character judgement based entirely on their appearance indicating your vote could easily be swayed by superficialities, and then referenced a quote about the stupidity of the average voter.

FYI: Vermont has the 3rd highest average IQ in the country.

I disagree. I've lived my whole life in the south - and have lived in practically every state therein - and I'd say the phrase is almost 50/50 positive/negative. While it certainly is used in a backhanded manner quite often, there are plenty of circumstances where it's used genuinely in the same nature as, say, "Well aren't you a sweetheart/gentleman." So many times you'll do something nice for an old lady and their response will be, "Aww, bless your heart. You didn't have to go out of your way for me." or some comparable statement. While it definitely gets used negatively too, it's not exclusively a backhanded remark the way Reddit seems to think/perpetuate.

I'm looking forward to the time in my life when I start wearing collared shirts over other collared shirts

Did you turn gay?

That's just what stay at home moms who are anti vaxxers call themselves now instead of "domestic engineer"

Strong Teeth for a Strong America! Now that's a a slogan i can get behind.

This comment was funnier than if they actually did it in the show. Just imagining him say "Paula DEEAAAAN? Get it? Oh nevermind" Made me laugh for about 3 minutes straight. Maybe Shirley gives him a mean look, or is excited because she's oblivious to Paula Deans racism, or overlooks it because she shoves butter into everything too.

Fuck, todays imaginary Community scene I just came up with was good. Thanks Dan Harmon.

Bernard Peters

Peter Diamondstone - Liberty Union Party

Cris Ericson - Marijuana Party

Dan Feliciano - Libertarian

Scott Milne - Republican

- Independent

Emily Peyton - Republican Organic Truther

Gov. Peter Shumlin - Democrat

I agree. People often complain about the country and government we have, but really, are we not really just sleeping in the bed that has been made for us by our own voting choices? If we don't like the government we have, we must not be very good at electing our own representatives. I know many will squawk about 'corporations and money run everything and are controlling elections, etc etc", but you know what, at the end of the day, its the millions of voters who go to the polls who cast their ballot that decide the results of an election, not the corporations and money. A corporation gets no votes, money gets no vote. I know it feels good to blame everyone else for the situation we are in, but we have to own up to the fact that we are really the ones putting the idiots in office. Are we being manipulated by commercials, attack ads, campaigns, the media, etc, over the course of an election? Sure we are. But we the voters are allowing ourselves to be manipulated by all those things, and thus, we are allowing the crappy situation in this country to exist and persist.

Edit: clarity

Thanks, but I think I've seen enough.

I know, god that was shattering. I ate so many slim jims to cheer myself up... then we lost Ultimate Warrior recently...

At least Ric Flair is some sort of immortal lich. Unless someone finds his soul jar, he'll continue wooh-ing his way across America.

Farmer Jeremiah next to here is giving her the vapors.

The gay fairy dust was the perfect closing

"Bless his/her heart" (when used at the end of a sentence like that), could almost always be substituted with "but fails miserably"

Mrs. Peacock, in the library, with the rope.

Okay, that's getting a little too far south now.

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The full clip


It's from Rocky, dude.

ooh yeah!

Damn that's good.

As a fellow fan of the Dean, please enjoy my favorite moment of his of all time:

He just got Jammed!

He also said something to the effect that "democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others".