AT&T says it never blocked apps, fails to mention how it blocked FaceTime.

AT&T says it never blocked apps, fails to mention how it blocked FaceTime.

Also blocked Skype don't forget

And Google Wallet (along with Verizon and T-Mo) because ISIS

Edit: Originally I said Sprint instead of T-Mo, then 1000 people decided to correct me. You can stop correcting me now. A for "affort" getting 2/3 right though.

They shouldn't even be allowed to know that i'm using FaceTime.

Perfect corporate speak. We never do it, except in the times we did.

"I do not recall" Jeff Sessions AT&T

Cunts. All of em.

oh god I almost forgot about how much of a failure that was.

That's the real reason they want net neutrality to they can justify and condone the ISPs to create (or bring into light what's already created) new technologies that monitor what your doing on the internet.

Google wallet worked fine, and was working fine. Google also abandoned it as well and went to android pay because the Gwallet name was trashed thanks to the big 3 making it not work for shit for many years for one reason or another. I remember the whole secure element bullshit that forced a complete app redesign from the ground up to make it work without the SE. Gwallet was also available on Iphone and Apple prevented the NFC payments from working correctly. This is why Google/Alphabet fully went to "android pay" because so many bad reviews and such on Gwallet because the name got trashed because of shitty competitors locking them out. Imagine what happens when there is an anti-AT&T news article, AT&T can make it not accessable on any of their tier 1 transport/provider networks, as well as their last mile stuff they still have.

Or Skype, or Vonage, or Google voice.

And I think Google Voice, too, for a while no? Although Google was stupid enough to be quiet about it at the time.

And if we did it wasn't that big of a deal.

If Google couldn't do it.

Now replace FaceTime with a smaller company that doesn't have the consumer base and you can see the problem.

The way information is brought to light against them is a huge threat and exactly why senators don't give a fuck about net neutrality.

It just makes corruption easier.

To learn about Net Neutrality, why it's important, and/or want tools to help you fight for Net Ne...

Write the FCC members directly here (Fill their inbox)

Name Email Twitter Title Party Ajit Pai @AjitPaiFCC Chairman R Michael O'Rielly @MikeOFCC Commissioner R Brendan Carr @BrendanCarrFCC Commissioner R Mignon Clyburn @MClyburnFCC Commissioner D Jessica Rosenworcel @JRosenworcel Commissioner D

Write to the FCC here

Write to your House Representative here and Senators here

Add a comment to the repeal here (and here's an easier URL you can use thanks to John Oliver)

You can also use this to help you contact your house and congressional reps. It's easy to use and cuts down on the transaction costs with writing a letter to your reps petition here

You can support groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU and Free Press who are fighting to keep Net Neutrality:

Set them as your charity on Amazon Smile here

Also check this out, which was made by the EFF and is a low transaction cost tool for writing all your reps in one fell swoop.

International Petition here

Most importantly, VOTE. This should not be something that is so clearly split between the political parties as it affects all Americans, but unfortunately it is.


And if it was a big deal it wasn’t our fault.

Just like Comcast. We will never block/throttle content*

*Except when we did that to Bittorrent traffic, lied about it for a long time and then eventually ...

Seriously. If the biggest company in the world can't do it, I'd say nobody else can. The rules need to be changed.

Imagine the amount of money Reddit could crowdfund to set up a new isp to compete with other isps. that would be cool!

Sprint never blocked Google Wallet. They were the only big US carrier to support it and Google Voice.

AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile blocked it.

Sprint has been the most net neutral of the big 4.

I feel like that is going to be a mantra for many soon

Yeah when it first came out NFC payments were still pretty new, I remember ATT blocking it and Apple pulling that shit then shortly after seeing a ton of companies start either partnering up or making their own NFC payment apps. I only recently started using Android Pay after having such a sour taste in my mouth because of all of this. I love Android pay, but I can only imagine what the tech/acceptance rate would be now if that whole few years hadn't gone down the way it did.

Also, using NFC payments now makes me realize how many small companies are still using shit card reader suppliers despite there being an excellent market from things like Square and what not. Last I heard those companies bend small business over with charges.

That may be true but if a company that nets billions a year can’t. Then there’s no way even at the size reddit is, that we could.

That one doesn't count because AT&T was drunk at a party.

And if it was our fault... well, we did actually mean to do it.

Soon? That's like the GOP's catch phrase for when they know they did something bad, but don't want to admit it, only to buy time to blame something else down the road.

I am on AT&T right now and they are currently blocking my FTP client, I have to use a VPN in order to use it.

AT&T now chooses to live it’s life as a homosexual corporation

Most likely not enough

"Oh that?! I thought you all forgot about that small incident..."

That was the messiest shoehorn of net neutrality I've seen yet.

I really feel like most people here have a tenuous grasp of net neutrality at best. It's an important issue, but a lot of other important issues are getting rolled into it as well, in ways that make no sense. Corporate spyware isn't "the absence of net neutrality", and ISPs aren't prevented from spying on you with net neutrality rules. They are prevented from prioritizing certain traffic over other traffic. Nothing to do with telemetry / analytics, which I'm sure they're doing plenty of under existing net neutrality rules.

"It's not an app if it comes pre-installed on your device." - AT&T, probably.

Exactly it.

"We're not blocking apps like like Chrome or Firefox, we're just blocking web traffic."

Also blocked/fucked google wallet for its own bullshit ISIS wallet app (no kidding they called it ISIS)

And cause we meant to do it, that also means we weren't trying to be sneaky, so you can't blame us.

ISIS was a failure not gwallet

Google is not the biggest company in the world.

Didn't they get around that by saying they were services instead of apps?

Not that I'm defending them. It's still lame.

Google wallet worked with all my cards. All I had to do was put in the numbers and data and not worry about bank registration BS. Android Pay has that damn bank registration system etc and doesn't anymore.....

It's time to stand up (literally) against the repeal of Net Neutrality!. They can ignore our emails, but they can't ignore a crowd at their front door.

Come join us at /sub/dc_fcc_protest and take part in the protest the day before the vote.

Get ready to lose VPN too, after net neutrality goes away.

Well, I agree there's no way that Reddit could raise the money.

But it's important to remember that Google half-assed it. They wanted to just stir the pot and point out that it is possible. They proved the concept and then backed down. They never intended on becoming a competitive ISP nationwide. They were just making a statement. If they had committed their full resources to it, it would be another story completely.

Every carrier has weak points. Sprint has more than their fair share and has a ton of work to do.

Choosing to give your money to a carrier will help them fix their weaknesses at a faster pace.

That being said, use the carrier that works best for you but try to support the carrier you'd like to use in some way.

I've chosen Sprint because, luckily, they're rock-solid in the locations I frequent, they've always offered unlimited data plans, their pricing is quite good, and they've been the most net neutral wireless carrier in the US so far.

If you didn't notice you wouldn't have noticed anyways.

All P2P file sharing. Always had to turn that off on battle net.

I still use Sprint mainly for their gvoice integration

Also they would never block a website... Like they did in 2009 for 4chan.

Not to mention access to information, the greatest gift to humanity.

Look at the divide in this nation. Most live in a bubble where they rarely are confronted on their beliefs and have to think or make decisions that could alter their perception of the world around them, which is what makes us grow as people.

Now think of a world where you would have to pay to be confronted by the other side of arguments. Nobody is going to pay to investigate or learn more about something they're already biased on, furthering the divide with a damn paywall.

I wrote to my senator about how they won't be able to spread their own fucking message over the internet because of the paywalls lowering their access to larger voting bases. They replied with a canned copy/pasta because they are corrupt and have no clue wtf they're voting on other than money.

Google hasn't "failed" yet, but other shitty ISP's like Comcast & AT&T keep holding them up in court to prevent competition, because these entrenched ISP's know full well that if they had to compete on an open market people would abandon their awful asses in droves.

My god the amount of shit coming from everybody trying to eliminate net neutrality is outrageous.

Have we all forgotten that multiple carriers also blocked 3rd party tethering apps, including AT&T?

Jesus christ what is even going on with reality lately?

Didn't they re-enable FaceTime due to competition and consumer pressure, and not because of Net Neutrality?

Time for everybody to helpfully tweet reminders at them.

"FaceTime is an app!" "Skype is an app!" "Vonage is an app, you know. Just thought I'd let u know 'cause u seem to have forgotten." "Hey, AT&T, Google Voice is an app and you blocked that."

Video calls require Apps, AND protocols. Facts don't matter to anti-NN, shocking.

A lot of people didn't seem to realize that. Google made it a point that this was just to prove how easy it is to build fast, reliable internet for cheap. However. When they do install their service to a location, they do commit all they have to it, and that's why other ISPs freak out and start lowering prices like they are angels all of the sudden.

Net Neutrality in a nutshell.

Nah, we don't need Net Neutrality rules. I'm sure the megatelecoms won't fuck each of us in the ass as soon as those rules are gone or anything. This has nothing to do with that at all...

So I don't need the Skype app to Skype?

Also blocked Blackberry Enterprise Server on their $25 data plans (had to pay an extra $15/mo for the same plan, but 'enterprise')

Even though I switched to iPhone recently Samsung pay is the king of mobile payments. They bought a company that had a patent on generating a magnetic field to transmit your credit card details payment information to the stripe reader. As long as the reader didn't have the little activation button in the slide it worked, like 99% of places.

Edit for clarity: it's one time tokenized data exactly like nfc uses on a fake credit card number generated by the app just like Apple Pay and android pay do to obfuscate your actual card number.

I've owned the Note 4, Note 8, S8, and LG V20. I've tried NFC payments using Android pay and have never had luck getting it to work reliably. End up having to just pull my card out and use it the normal way.

It always seems broken.

Never had problems on my Google and Moto phones (Moto X 2013, Moto G2, Nexus 6p, Pixel XL). It has always worked reliably.

I feel like the people who are in charge of these statements haven't adjusted to living in a world where everything is recorded and saved. Everything.

Back in the day unless it was said during a press conference or caught on "illegal footage" you couldn't prove the shit they said/did, but now everything everywhere is recorded, saved, posted, shared.

I think you missed his point. Without net neutrality, ISPs will be able to prioritize traffic to selectively throttle/block services and websites.

In order to do that, they will have to know exactly what services you are trying to access, in order to allow them to monetize inhibiting your internet access. Thus repealing net neutrality will be a direct incentive for ISPs to closely monitor and track all of your internet activity.

I've wanted to consider Sprint for so long, but the fact that it lends out it's towers/data networks to so many small 1 off companies and it doesn't have the best support/coverage has kept me from it.|

EDIT: A whole discussion about secondary/partner carriers sharing towers is below with great info. If you're curious or have the same old data/assumptions about it read up.

What they meant to say is that there are apps, apps that exist which they have never blocked.

An app. Just like Skype. But it only works on Apple devices.

You’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole. Yes ATT didn’t block the FaceTime app itself because they can’t do that. They blocked the network services which made the app useless. If you kill either part it’s equally useless

edit: my point still stands but it turns out ATT didn't block the traffic but actually just forced Apple to prevent the Facetime app from work...

They throttled the whole connection, not just P2P traffic? So, they're greedy and lazy?

Sorry. We misspoke. We never got away with blocking apps. Sorry bout that. Damn typos.

AT&T probably

Relevant as fuck username

I agree with the sentiment but based on how IPv4 technology works they may not log it but they definitely can tell what you're doing. There's no law that will change that.

Your data has to pass through their network and even if it's encrypted you know where it's going and where it came from and that usually tells you everything.

Edit: I would also add that you do want them to be aware. Aggressively not paying attention to where traffic is going can lead to routes being underdeveloped infrastructure wise.

I say soon because Mueller is going to have some public testimonies, or so I imagine

They've blocked hundreds of apps over the years. I remember having to constantly go airplane mode > wifi to get the unfiltered Play Store.

The Whitehouse IRL

Yawn. Go back to /sub/the_donald, the only people who still talk or care about her.

Not even people who voted for her talk about her now. It’s only triggered Trump voters.

Not blocking but they some how knew I was tethering data by using a jailbreak back then. Their rep warn that I would lose my unlimited data plan I grandfathered if I kept it up. I ask what evidence do they have to provide me proof I was tethering. They said they don’t have any to provide. I then told them they are accusing me of lying without providing proof.

I love Samsung Pay. It does get old when cashiers tell me "that won't work here" when I know it does but I appreciate the convenience and the fact that I've earned at least $200 in gift cards from Samsung Rewards just for using it whenever I can.

Because much of the infrastructure was originally be government built and owned, using tax dollars, then sold off and privatised. Yay!

It means that these companies have a history of anticompetitive behavior and it is hard to imagine them having any restraint if it isn’t forced upon them.

Square has large-scale services aimed at small businesses. I'm not talking about the individual/small stand style swipe, the have full business setups.

EDIT: Link to their bigger setup:

Back in the day when downloading large patches blizz gave you the option to p2p it for faster downloads and to take stress off their servers.

They moved everything to Android Pay except for the peer to peer payment which I actually use. I even used the Google Wallet credit card for a time.

NFC payment has been a thing in Japan for over 15 years.





The initials EA

Is FaceTime an app or a service. :/

I'm more angry about Google Wallet as it was so obvious why they blocked it.

Oh they didn't block Facetime or Skype, they blocked the Facetime/Skype service. They can still install the app!

Google wallet was on iOS before they even had NFC radios in them

until ios11, no one but apple pay was allowed to use the NFC chip for payments. The chips were there, but apple did not allow anyone to use them except themselves.

AT&T even got Apple to disable it on the AT&T version of the iPhone.

gwallet is all but failed. No more NFC transactions, no more anything useful, and soon you won't be able to send money between people anymore either, that ends either later this year, or early next.

Fuck AT&T. My family has been with them since before they changed from Cingular and they've done nothing but overcharge for and throttle data. We've wanted to switch to Verizon for a while, but people complain just as much around here about their service, too.

I use it mainly because they give true uncapped data. I use upwards of 80 gigs a month with no problems

If you had a Note 8 and S8, why not just use Samsung Pay? It's supposed to work better than Android Pay.