AT&T Promises Better Broadband...If it Gets Another Tax Cut

AT&T Promises Better Broadband...If it Gets Another Tax Cut
AT&T Promises Better Broadband...If it Gets Another Tax Cut

ok, so we literally gave them billions in cash, and they said meh, maybe. Now theyre saying ok, for realsies, if you give us tax cuts on top of that money, we super duper promise to do what we said we'd do.

How about we raise their taxes and then break up their company.

They'll probably will give us better Broadband but the catch would probably be at higher prices or something else shady. They're doing it so THEY can profit, simple as that.

I guess $400 billion in taxpayer money for wasn't enough for them? Having a telecom fuckboi Ajit Pai running the FCC that they control not enough either?


Better yet.

Raise their taxes and use the funds to create municipal broadband.

I think this should be the most important thing on the menu now. They want to fuck us over with their no net neutrality stance? We should just go and build our own net with blackjack and hookers.

No, breakups are always sad. Crushing them into complete pulverised oblivion I could get behind though.

$200-400 billion

How about we try these tax cuts another way. WHEN AT&T gives us better broadband they get a tax cut.

They're not just doing it for money... They're doing it for a shit load of money!

Found the AT&T shareholder.

At one point you lost your marbles and cited infowars.

BTW, InfoWorld is not the same as InfoWars. May want to get your eyes and marbles checked.

WHEN AT&T gives us better broadband we'll think about giving them a tax cut.

An eye for an eye

You're right I don't want to feel sad

And while we're at it let's get Comcast to

how about stop giving corporations handouts? and hold your politicians accountable?

Step one is they’ll make what we have a lot worse. Then they’ll “improve” it back to 90% of today with a brand new platinum tier that gets you what you’re already paying for at a thirty percent markup.

No, what they are saying is, even though the taxpayers have already given us a shitload of money to build the network we just pocketed it and now we need more to fulfill what we already promised.


Quick! Get your burn cream!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me t...can't get fooled again.

This kinda feels like the purchases in a mobile game. "If I spend just a little bit more money, maybe I can finally find success here".....

"Nope! This is just an empty hole where we put our money......"

Jeebus christ. Just make ISP's utilities already and prohibit them doing business across state lines.

Because that worked so well the last time. How about instead make internet a utility instead.

Let's charge them an equipment fee

How about we tell them we won’t raise their taxes by 50% or break them up again unless they improve their bullshit monopolistic service. Also, we will immediately execute one C level executive as a demonstration of our commitment to change. If services don’t improve, prior CEO’s will be up on the bloc for their turn for summary combustion

Corporate America. Where our country is run my greedy corporations and not an actually government. We need another revolution.