A!Tiki by Phiphiauthon

A!Tiki by Phiphiauthon

I am a simple human

I see Tiki, I upvote

(Beautiful art btw! I'd love to see more!)

Amazing art of Legal!Tiki. Tell your friend his art is much appreciated.

This is more art by a really talented friend of mine (who really should be posting on reddit lol) - you have to check him out!

(@PhiphiAuThon): https://twitter.com/PhiphiAuThon?s=09

Those eyes are hypnotizing.

This is one of the most beautiful A!Tiki fanarts I've ever seen!

This is incredible and I love it

Lot of Tikis lately. I'm definitely not complaining.


I always do! Trying to show him he needs to sell his art. He makes these Daily! Thats amazing!