At the local Rural King parking lot

At the local Rural King parking lot

Gotta love Rural King tho. Sweet, sweet $12 pants.

Now pay for advertising on your local rape van.

This message was paid for by the Trump administration

I legit thought this was some nickname for Burger King. Not sure if tired or just really white. are at rural king. That kinda fish in a barrel, almost not fair

Creepy white van.

What is rural King? I've heard they have popcorn?

Amen to that.

Ive been in one Rural King in my life. It's like Tractor Supply's derpy methed out cousin on the first of the month.

Ok but like have you considered that WW3 might kill Hillary? It'd be totally worth the nuclear devastation of our planet and the visceral destruction of my family and community. /s


Lmao, she is a beast. Her tailor is the same as Kim jung in

I love it

Fuck that bitch