At Pax South, there were amazing Fallout Mario and Luigi cosplayers with a bullet bill Fat Man launcher

At Pax South, there were amazing Fallout Mario and Luigi cosplayers with a bullet bill Fat Man launcher

These post-apocalyptic plumbers have seen some shit.

Highjacking top comment.

It's-a-me! This is me and my friend (I'm Mario). We were still walking around the con floor when people started to stop us and tell us that we were on the front page of Reddit. Thanks for the love on the costumes!

those pip-game boys though... gold

crossdressing cosplayers

Not quite the right terminology.

Too much shit.

I like it. Are there more of this kind of crossdressing cosplayers ? never changes....

Nicely done, the expressions on their faces are perfect.

Notice Luigi's smb3 'holotape', to boot.

Fucking huge moustache

If I know anything about Cosplay, it is precisely the right terminology.

Radioactive shit

Crazy job on the cosplay. I'd love to see more detailed photos!

Patrolling the Mushroom Kingdom almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter...

Sadly its fake. My mustache is pathetic in comparison. (I'm fallout mario)


And the Fire Flower on Luigi's Flamethrower

It's called, "Two Brothers"

Unless those are two chicks—and I don't think they are—not quite. The more apt term would be cosplay crossover.

edit: also, I think I just wooshed on the joke in your comment (right?) bad :(

They just need a deathclaw Yoshi now...

That Mario is just such a big beefy daddy

Deathclaw Yoshi would be awesome. And super mutant Bowser while I'm thinking about it.

And the star on the psycho

Sure, here's another crossdressing cosplayer

A post apocalyptic yoshi would be a great addition!!

The shitter can't get clogged if there is no more shitter.

Agreed...a close up of some of the accessories would be much appreciated. It looks like you've put some work into it, and I'd love to be able to admire some of the craftsmanship!

I really want to believe it's real.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Yao Guai

i spent about 5 minutes just looking at the details of the costume. Very well done


Haha, yeah, a little bit of whoosh there. It's okay, happens to everybody.

That's it? It's just two brothers?!

It was amazing to talk to them. Contrary to how they look, one of them was actually seeming somewhat timid and shy but that’s pretty expected considering I was a rando at a convention with thousands of people.

Gotta love crossplay cosplay crossovers!

Delet this.

"So what seems to be the issue?"

"Water. Water never changes."

Presumably cash in on the fame and run for president of the United States

Awesome cosplay! So what will you now that you're Reddit famous?

Degenerates like you belong on a Thwomp!

And my axe!


Always. Self-correction is the most valuable skill an adult can have.

except maybe self-powered flight. That would be kickass.

Those shoes though.

Proof that the Mario Universe could take on Fallout and probably win, IF Nintendo wanted it to be.

I'm not for platformers or adventures so the current Switch games have no appeal to me. But this, a Mario FPS apocalypse, made with the quality of BOTW, I'd buy a $400 console for that.

And Mario's Bob-omb grenade.



The bullet bill in the fat man is a nice touch.

Were you dressed as Rando Calrissian or as Marlon Rando?

But their shoes are too clean LOL!

WOW, love your other cosplays man!

You're thinking of crossover cosplayers

There was a Mario-Star wars crossover, but I lost them and couldn’t get a pic. I’ll try and see if I can find them!

Bowser behemoth mutant?


Baseball grenade, play you some Fallout.

Patrolling the Sand Kingdom almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter...

What about Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In A Van From An Asteroid And All Sorts Of Things The Movie?

Awe, true to Bowser!

The chain chomp grenade on luigi waist.

Hey, at least I caught it...that's gotta count for something haha

Surely OP meant Mario and Green Mario.

Those are Chuck Taylors

and jump for president of the United States


Mario keeps his plunger looking fresh too!

Do you want the goombas from the Mario Bros movie? 'cuz that's how you get the goombas from the Mario Bros movie.

I was literally thinking about that. Tho I’m thinking a mirelurk goomba would be neat as well

As much as i agree with you, Nintendo's goal is to make games that an audience of any age could enjoy, so i don't think that will ever happen unfortunately

Name checks out

Whoa. I imagined it and I liked what I saw.

Plunger is essential to unclog toilets and get some of that pristine toilet water when your brave and dehydrated.

It's called Mario Twins.


Well I'd let them certainly go down my pipes!

Fallout Mario here, he actually forgot to bring his regular shoes for the costume so he had to go with what he had.

The man's username: look at it.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does.

Underrated comment

It's like this mushroom kingdom was made for them

And...a baseball...?


It really is a shame Nintendo shies away from more mature games so much, they could make some greats.

I just imagine the increased range and danger that Yoshi's tongue would present.

I offer one ice cream cone. They both say yes. How in the hell?

looks like someone missed the memo on the dress code.

Then what the hell have I been accidentally drinking out of?

Everybody poops


( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

Store them in bins or hang them up. I haven't retired any costumes yet.

You mean Fidel Castro?

I made both costumes myself. Took about 6 months to make the base costumes and then I've added to them for the past 2 years.

Doesn't Luigi look a lot like Wil Wheaton?

and laser eyes, everything is better with laser eyes

Maybe he just cleans them regularly. After all maintenance WAS their original job!

Luigi’s shoes threw me off, everything else is dirty and used but then the converse are just clean and sticking out

Thanks for posting this picture! (I'm the mario).

They missed the perfect opportunity to incorporate the Power Glove

edit: and that handgun could be a Nintendo Blaster with mods...

And the fallout Mario sticker on the bullet

Pipboy looks like gamepipboy

Luigi really knows where to get nice clean Vans in the post-apocalypse.