At least EA succeeded in one way - making Battlefront the most disappointing game of its year TWICE

At least EA succeeded in one way - making Battlefront the most disappointing game of its year TWICE

Destiny 2 would like a word.

You're in a minority there.

Most people agree on the fact the Gameplay is fantastic in SWBF2, especially Starfighter Assault. That discussion and positive vibes are being overshadowed by a Progress System that needs tweaked, among other things.

Like it or not - The Game is fun to play and the majority who play it will confirm that.

The Campaign is having another mission or so added in TLJ DLC and that is why it has a staggered release - It's tied to the movie and has spoilers in it for the Movie.

I had fun with Destiny 2 for a very short period of time, but I enjoyed what I played. This game on the other hand is shit from start to finish. pretty to look at it and zero substance. Not to mention a campaign that just randomly ends.

Destiny 2, ME Andromeda, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and a few more would like to have a word with you and your karma whoring.

Nice and constructive as always /sub/starwarsbattlefront

Not a good end of the year for gaming. Two sequels with a ton of hype and promising that they would refine and improve greatly on the 1st games fall flat on their faces. It is a shame that both companies let greed get the better of them instead of just making a fun/good game.

Most people agree on the fact the Gameplay is fantastic in SWBF2

No, just no. The game is FULL of cheese mechanics and the star cards being straight upgrades is bad for game even without pay2win or heavy grinding. The gameplay in this game even if you took out the controversial things is mediocre. If you removed the great audio/visuals and it wasn't Star Wars no one would care about this game. It purely rides on the engine and it's IP, not it's gameplay.

Like it or not - The Game is fun to play and the majority who play it will confirm that.

You can say this about literally anygame because of course the people who play it will say the gameplay is fun or they wouldn't be playing it.

Unlike your comment, the complaints about microtransactions are actually useful for the future of gaming.

Wow , you sure are the king of hyperbole.

Saying people have said the gameplay is fantastic is just an outright lie, they said it was good but hardly groundbreaking.

If you played destiny 1, you shouldn't be surprised.

I loved what I did in Destiny. I played for hours and hours. I just ran out of things to do. That isn't acceptable in any mmo. I played the beta of Star Wars and thought it had promise, but after renting it I was already bored. That is a huge difference. The game is BORING and has zero incentive of doing better than other players. That doesn't equal a competitive environment. I do enjoy the star fighter stuff. Oddly enough if Destiny had a similar progression system to Star Wars I would probably still be playing it lol.

The Game is fun to play and the majority who play it will confirm that.

There is certainly some selection bias there.

I haven't bought SWBF2 but I have bought GW2 and it's the same shit over there (/sub/guildwars2) with white knights bending over backwards to get fucked by ArenaNet.

I might be in the minority but I actually enjoyed ME3, even moreso after the extended cut free DLC and the two other DLCs. So I had higher expectations for andromeda and, to be honest, I was more disappointed by that than BF2.

Not saying i'm not disappointed by BF2, but I pumped the breaks on my expectations the moment I saw that star cards were tied to RNG.

BF2015 ended up perfectly fine because it (eventually) did (most) of what it promised. (Also: Dioxis Grenades into spawn areas followed by Robot Dance is the height of humor.)

And to be honest, as awful as BF2 is, its still neck and neck with ME:A considering they canceled the entire franchise on that game.

Barley any improvements over the first one

Lack of content

Mediocre story

Short campaign

Repetitive gameplay

Bad matchmaking in PvP

Yeah, it's a shame that this game will go down as trash... Again :(

Those two things don't magically make a game less disappointing.

I'm not mad I am here to check to see what direction the game takes with updates and DLC. Don't worry though as time go on this sub will turn into the echo chamber that you want it to be.

I like the game

If no one supported them, we would have this scourge eradicated in no time.

Unsatisfying guns, boring objectives on bad maps, can't play with your friends, can't voice chat, can't go prone, no secondary weapons, crappy Star Card system that wasn't that well received in the last game doubled down on.

Honestly it looks, feels, and sounds amazing. But if it was any other skin but Star Wars it would be heralded as a shitty AAA game because it lacks so many basic features expected of AAA shooters 5 years ago.

I couldn’t get more than 30 hours out of BF2015. The lack of content and shallow gunplay killed it for me.

I absolutely love the gunplay in BF2. Doesn’t feel as shallow, and there is a ton of map content to keep things interesting.

Have you played the full release? The progression system needs to be further tweaked, but I also think this emphasis on how game altering purple star cards are is overblown.

You can craft any card you want for a very small in-game price, and even with the most epic tier of Star Cards if you 1v1 with someone clearly more skilled than you, you’re still going to lose.

For all its many faults, BF2015 was still fun in spite of its problems.

That cannot be said about its sequel, where most of the fun is stripped away by very broken base systems.

I see something entirely different, I saw people say the gameplay was alright. But then all the terrible mechanics, systems, bugs, and lack of features came to light, and the only redeeming quality was the gameplay and graphics. It made what is honestly sub-par gameplay seem like the holy grail, but only because everything around it is crap.

Like just back when the beta started, everyone was saying this. It wasn't until the game came out that people would say "man this would be a great game if it wasn't for literally everything besides the visuals and gameplay" and its been getting more and more exaggerated since. Since now people like you tout the "Gameplay is perfect, just need a few fixes and we have the GotY!" lol

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