asking for lift in gta may result in...

is this how you ask for lift with a gun?


than you get disarmed or in this case disheaded

i don't have enough space you sit on the back seat quickly

Love it, reminds me of what I used to do in GTA IV, steal someones car drive forward a bit and stop, then when they grab the handle just bolt it while they still hold on, then try and see if you can slam their body against a truck doing the other way

I did this to Rashkovsky with the plane in The Prison Break but the dopey bastard fell out again over the prison and we were back to square one.

Next on top 10 ways you don't wanna die.

This must be the work of an enemy stand user.

"It was at this point, Geoff knew a nose ring was a bad decision."

Guys in the army jeep "do you hear something? Naw keep going".