As the investigation deepens around Trump...

As the investigation deepens around Trump...

During Watergate, 48 co-conspirators were found guilty.

Folks, I have the biggest scandals. No one can do scandals like me, believe me.

One of my faves:

One of my faves:

I just realized I need x to the z memes to come back, right now.

I bet Trump wears socks with his scandals

I had an aneurysm

Best xzibit in a while IMO

It's not a party until the lawyer's lawyer hires a lawyer.

Context - Trump's personal lawyer hires attorney: report

This is a hilarious headline, but in reality almost no lawyer would ever represent themselves in a potentially serious case. Traffic court or something minor, yes; but it is considered highly taboo and foolish to represent yourself in most instances.

And many could have rolled on Nixon, but didn't because of loyalty. I think people will be lining up to roll on Trump.


The man has not made any friends.

All your attorney are belong to us

So... There's the Attorney General (who needs a lawyer), The White House Counsel Kisliak, Trumps personal lawyer for defending on Russia (who may need a lawyer), Cohen, his long time lawyer, Cohen's new lawyer.

So that's 5 going on 7.

Oh really? Using that logic 98% of defendents are guilty because they hire a lawyer. Regardless of the status or evidence of the case... hired a lawyer, means guilty.

Tell me you wouldn't do the same thing when being presented with the full force of the Democratic Party wanting you to be found guilty, be it in the court of public opnion or an actual court of law.

And everyone went to jail but Nixon.

Hope everyone around him remembers that.

every sub is political now wtf

In addition, most lawyers today are highly specialized. A government reg lawyer would be only slightly better off standing up in court than a marine biologist.

Edit: more relevant kind of lawyer

yo dawg we heard you like blood in your brain so we put more blood in your brain so you can brain while yo-aww shit hes dead

My next what?

It's lawyers all the way down.

A brain anus rhythm you mean?

Perfect 5/7.

Because he is being called to testify, so naturally it would be wise for him to have a lawyer as well.

You should never talk to any form of government authority under questioning without a lawyer. It's such an important ideal that it's in our Constitution.

So Reddit, fuck Trump he is wiping his ass with the Constitution!

Also Reddit, fuck Trump's people for agreeing with the Constitution!

At this point Trump could lean right to rip a fart and Reddit would be outraged that he didn't lean left.

That's what happens when children get on the internet


Watergate lasted over 2 years from the break-in to Nixon's Resignation

I'd like to introduce Xzibit A into our testimony.

Yes, top meme usage. I agree 100%

You know it; I know it; we all know it!

But the ones he has made he has demanded loyalty from.

It's like It Follows, Mueller is the monster and to get away from him you have to hire a lawyer. But once your laywer is in jail, your next

Forced loyalty is the best kind of loyalty.

Can I interest you in a Charleston Chew?

If my lawyer has to hire a lawyer... Yeah I think I'm in trouble.

Yes! I wanted to do this! It was between this and an Oprah "You get a lawyer, you get a lawyer, and you get a lawyer! Everyone gets a lawyer!"

It depends. Is there an octopus judge? According to my Water Politics class, octopodes are typically very hostile towards dry landers. A dry lander would definitely want a lawyer with gills. There's a very reputable Angler Fish firm in the south Pacific who represents dry landers with a lot of regularity.

However, if you happen to get a Hammerhead Shark as a judge, well that's different. The hammer heads believe humans named their tools, a hammer, after them. As such, they see humans, ie. dry landers, as gloriously wise and learned. Dry landers in ocean court with a Hammerhead Shark judge often do extremely well.

Of course, there's other species who are judges and their biases vary, but, for some reason no one quite understands, Hammerhead Sharks and Octopodes are typically the only species who become judges. Other species sitting on the sandbar are often seen as anomalies. As a little bit of gossip, I hear there's a Narwhal in the West Arctic circuit who likes to use his horn to make human-ka-bobs out of people who had particularly poor showing in court. It's all a rumor, as record keeping in the Arctic, the West Arctic circuit particularly, is notoriously horrible. All their ink and toner freezes, apparently. Though sometimes we find blocks of ice where records have been carved, but global warming is really threatening that.

Er, sorry. Got off topic.

Source: Studying for my water politics final all night.

This comment chain is probably one of the cringiest neckbeardy things I've read all week.

I feel a jowl movement coming on

Mitch McConnell went to law school so at least one turtle is a lawyer.

I'm staring to think Russia didn't interfere with the US election, but lawfirms did...

says the man acting condescending over the ability of others to post memes on the internet.

Said no one ever.

Nah, you're just offended by the truth :/

Telling the FBI director to do something through innuendo is still telling him to do something, and firing him for not doing that thing is definitely obstruction.

Also I have no doubt Trump will fire the current special prosecutor before this is over.

Spicer's got nothing but good things to say about him so he's probably a good buddy for Trump.

That or he secretly has to because it's secretly his job to do that and his pent up rage will cause a small crater behind a podium somewhere in Washington.

That, or openly, not secretly.

This meme makes me feel young again.

If it goes any deeper it will hit gold.

He could, but then they could be compelled to testify about their crimes and his involvement in them.

This would be funnier if this fuck wasn't the head of state right meow

Six weeks into the trial, every American citizen will be employed as a laywer for somebody's lawyer's lawyer.

And people doubted Trump's ability to create jobs.

What will happen during Stupid Watergate?

Or you know, because the investigation is not complete, they aren't going to reveal what has been found.

Just like there was no evidence that Russia meddled in the election, right?

The shot that is going on in politics is more interesting than any tv show drama. It's all people are thinking about these days. What do you expect? Stay bent.

That's what happens when people put a child into the white House. Things tend to not go back to normal.

The only people who talk about Seth rich are TD trolls..

His grieving family have publicly asked you people to stop dragging his name through your bullshit conspiracy theories.

Here's the thing.

If my boss told me to fudge some data and I didn't do it, then I got fired for not fudging data, that would be wrong for my boss to do.

It doesn't matter if Jesus himself implied/told/forced me to do something. That's besides the point. It's an entirely different thing. My boss still did something wrong.

If Loretta Lynch did something wrong then throw her in jail with Trump. But it doesn't make Trump any more in the clear than if she did nothing at all.

Somebody set us up the Russian Probe

You know what would convince people, finding him guilty in the court of law, not public opnion.

I'm a conservative and we lost the election too, it just happened sooner when the GOP primary concluded.

This is how Trump treats his buddies.

No, but since this is the only situation in existence that is analogous to what's currently happening right now, study is somewhat warranted.

But what about ocean court?

Whether or not Hillary Clinton or her husband did anything wrong (they both totally did; whether it rises to the level of illegal is unproven in Hillary's case, nor was rape proven in Bill's case; he did commit adultery and perjury though) is irrelevant to the question whether or not Donald Trump did anything wrong. Multiple people can do bad things in different cases, you know.

You're essentially just ranting off-topically.

Edit; added some things and fixed a typo.


Hey, I am going to investigate you for firing Comey even though I wanted you to fire Comey!

Said by someone who supports Trump... Hillary and Bill being bad people doesn't make Trump a good president or person.

I have knowledge of lots of things, and can find them funny, at the same time.

Is that weird, or just human?

Who cares about the election? The only people I've seen whining about the election are trump supporters trying to deflect off subject.

Also, this is serious business right now. Like Watergate-level serious.

As in Obstruction of Justice was the first article of impeachment drafted against Nixon.

Its a witch hunt libtards, Not when there is credible evidence.

Wow you people are delusional.

I bet if Trump literally shit on your head you would compliment the free chocolate smoothie.

I need to pass the bar. I could be a lawyer for a lawyers lawyer. Sheeeeeit.

How well did that work for Doug Stamper?

Regardless of what Comey did or didn't do, he still got fired for not giving up on the Russia probe, no?

So isn't that obstruction?

And the BUT BUT Clinton brigade comes out.

5 staffers receiving partial immunity is nothing like this Trump investigation.

Well I mean the same happened with Cllinton staffers (immunity) and they made pleading the fifth look like Chapelle playing Tron.

First and foremost, Comey was fired for exceeding the bounds of his job among many other screwups.

Except Trump literally said he fired Comey because he wanted to end the Russia investigation, and then bragged to the Russians that he relieved "great pressure" on the investigation by firing Comey.

That's the thing this shouldn't be about the left or right so why make it about that, why put emphasis on your opinion when it doesn't mean anything in this situation. This is about what did or did not happen. If nothing illegal happened that's fine and they deserve to be cleared, but we as people need to look at facts that will be provided straight from the courts findings, not what our favored news sources say. So what if his lawyer hired an attorney that's a normal thing that should always be done when you may be coming under investigation.

Yeah there have been a ton of anti-trump posts on this one to hit the front page. It's all they've got at this point really.

They didn't know there would be no charge of collusion. They knew he wasn't PERSONALLY under investigation for collusion. His personal investigation has started recently.

So you don't know, can't say, and are signing off.

Making Reddit better one step at a time, I guess.

I really wish this sock puppet account started with a "P" so I could join in.

What are you even talking about?

I haven't heard this crackpot conspiracy theory yet.

my God a conservative on Reddit who admits trump is a piece of shit?

This must be that rare pepe all those trumpets reee about constantly.

Trump just wanted to take two strokes off his golf game, now roped all these lawyers into this mess.

It all makes sense now!

That and an investigation

Just throwing this out there, but realize that hiring a lawyer or representation is not specific to being defensive. In many cases (especially in Trump's history), it's been about going on the offense against people.

Hell, Melania just won a defamation lawsuit not even a couple months ago.

If it were so obvious that this person broke the law, should there not already be clear evidence found of it?

There's a pretty good case to be made for this being a witch hunt. But those unwilling to look objectively will only see what they want. The absence of evidence is not evidence. Neither is testimony.

It's hilarious when the alt-right project and play the victim card.


Ok, but didn't Trump say that in an interview? That he fired him over the Russia thing?

I mean, you say he suggested to drop the investigation, he doesn't and he is fired. And then Trump goes on TV to say that he fired Comey over the Russia thing.

What info do I have wrong? These are all provable things.

You realize that they don't present the evidence until after the investigation is complete, right?

Do you not question anything he says?

I'm aware of the NSA surveillance program, but that's not what you said, you said "breaking into every house, government, and business", which I took to be physical.

If you wanted to criticize Obama for the surveillance program, you should have called it that. Also it is important to note that the program was started under Bush, and continues under Trump, so you can hardly put the entire blame on Obama.

Or he would have to get a lawyer.

Dude, chill, it's just funny that his lawyer needs a lawyer.

No offense, but where the hell have you been hiding because it's been everywhere. The fact that you know nothing about this is actually pathetic. Hell, there's entire wikipedia articles devoted specifically to Obama's spying.

Please tell me you've heard of Edward Snowden at the very least. From there, have you bothered to educate yourself on any of the releases coming from WikiLeaks showing the tools being used to invade and monitor people? They just released a new one today where they target wireless routers.

So yeah, how have you not heard of any of this? You have to actively be avoiding it in order to not have heard about it.

So in your own words, you cannot describe why or what the investigation is about.

And you lash out at others for being "moronic" or "not following" current events. You didn't want to "educate" me, but to make it look like you're less wrong, you posted another pre-emptive reply "educating" me.

Arrogant douche arguments 101. Truly Reddit has trained you well.

This wasn't a spoiler for me, but it might help if you let people know what show the spoiler is for, rather than hovering over and finding out?

More specifically, people with immunity can be compelled to testify, may not be able to claim 5th Amendment protection, and may not gain some 6th Amendment protections granted by the trial process.

Immunity doesn't waive your rights; they just no longer apply. The 5th amendment is the right to not self-incriminate. If you're immune to prosecution, nothing you can say is self-incriminating anymore. The 6th amendment gives your the protections of a trial and a lawyer. If you're immune to prosecution, you can't be charged, can't have a trial, and can't be convicted. There's no possibility of a trial.

If we start seeing Russian lawyers saying they've known Trump for a few years now and he's definitely never even been to Russia, I'll eat a bucket of Velveeta.

Lawyers are turtles?

Are you really surprised women would want to protest a president who said you can just grab a woman by her pussy?

And got any sources on this big outbreak of AntiFa violence? Haven't heard much on that.