As soon as they see the hair dangle down! *pounce*

inb4 creative “the cat is also cute” comments

Inb4 this thread gets locked

Edit: called it

Is it just me or does that cat have Eugene Levy eyebrows?

R/Ungabungachunga or whatever

Oooo, I've always wanted a comment on a locked thread! Then all those filthy locked out redditors won't be able to comment and I'll feel special mwahahaha.

inb4 this thread gets locked

I get knocked down than I get up again!

My god! I haven’t genuinely laughed out loud to a comment in a long time. Watched it another three times just to laugh at those magnificent brows. Thanks for that!

idk maybe she posted to the cute animals sub bc she had a cute animal

So joyous; so beautiful to watch!

That cat is pretty cool too!

"Me also"