As an Asian, this can at work telling me to 'crose rid' was quite insulting

As an Asian, this can at work telling me to 'crose rid' was quite insulting

Better than being confused for Erection Day

Everyday is erection day.


(still makes me laugh)

(still makes me laugh)


This. I needed this tonight, I'm walking around the plant muttering "crose rid" to myself, looking for lids close. I love not having a boss.


feel your pain buddy

I bet OP isn't even Asian.


Сука блят!

Jim? He’s always been Asian.

It is if you try hard enough!

I just showed my husband this, and he said it was hirarious

Absolutely nothing even remotely coherent

Jesus, this is confusing if you speak any Russian.

Shamefur dispray!

It mostly happens without even trying!

Is your husband an Asian? Or are you just bragging you have a husband?

So it took me a second read through to figure out if you were looking for a lid that was nearby. (Close) and it took me five reads to figure out you weren’t at home walking around a house plant.

He is!

Penis inspection day?

Teachers in high school....why do you insist we stand up when we were caught sleeping...

Hey, hats off to you for seeing race

This is fucking hilarious.

Especially when you don't want it to!

Onry becrease open rid bring trash panda.

it says cyka blyat, which is all you need to know it's authentic Russian

Raughing and Roosing are equarry dishonarabre.


Which makes just as much sense in Russian as it does in English.

Shoulda crosed the rid

What does it say?

Super asian

fuckin lmao

Looks a bit clearer when flipped:

Looks a bit clearer when flipped:

For some reason, I didn't laugh out loud until I saw "onry grease."


Me too - I'm not sure why.

It took me way too long to understand.

This motherfucker looked through a piece of A4, 20 pound stock. Holy Christ hold your hats

The smack my wife just gave would indicate this is not funny