As a pc gamer this never made sense to me.

As a pc gamer this never made sense to me.

You don't pay for the internet twice. You pay for the internet once, and you pay to use the service that Sony/Microsoft are offering. would it be nice if the service was free? Of course. Would it be really entitled of me to claim that it should be free? Also yes. I honestly don't mind because the most expensive tariff you can choose equate to the cost of a single packet of cigarettes a month. And if you can't afford that then you can't afford to indulge in an already expensive hobby like video games.

Honestly don't understand how people can defend paying for online on console. Corporations have done a good job of brainwashing people.

Nintendo plans to do this as well.

Your comment is in similar veins to EA's accomplishment comment

"PC should be outed for double dipping as you need to pay for OS to even acess the games. And anti-virus to survive the impact."

Bad analogy is bad. You don't pay for the internet, in fact both consoles allow internet acess and browsing for free (just like PC). What you do pay for is exclusive features such as party chat, online multiplayer (f2p games are free online on Playstation) etc. So you pay for some things, on the other hand you don't pay for OS/security/hardware upgrades to run new games.

Gatekeeping: when someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity

Yup. Sony and Microsoft are indeed the gatekeepers of their online services.

It's still money.

What is your opinion on multiplayer-only games? You literally cannot play the game you have already paid for, using your internet you have already paid for, it is essentially worthless unless you pay for the privilege to use the MS or Sony "service", and IMHO that is just bullshit.

I remember laughing at my friends having to pay for Microsoft Live while I could play anytime I wanted on my PS3. Then they introduced PS+ ...

I'm not sure, but don't Microsoft and Sony run dedicated multiplayer servers for the games and players usually host their own server on PC? That's how it was always explained to me.

I'm a PC gamer anyway c:

Holy shit so many people defending this shit, thank fucking god I'm a PC gamer, no online subscription fee whatsoever, I paid for my internet, I paid for my PC and I paid for the game and that's all I should pay for, you should NOT have to pay to play online.

I'm not dictating who's allowed to do what. I'm stating fact. If you can't afford to pay £7.99 a month then you must be too broke to enjoy a hobby where the barrier to entry is usually around £300. Although there are ways to get games and consoles on the cheap, hadn't considered that earlier. But my point remains that gaming is an already expensive hobby. Paying to use an online service isn't even new or exclusive to gaming.

Is Netflix also making people pay for the internet twice?

Its not free u are paying for em wtf

PC gamer here, That is true. Sony and M$ run cloud-based servers. When a Gold member starts a multiplayer game, their cloud system for that game is created and allocates the resources in the cloud system. Once the server is empty, the resources are returned. If the game is too old/outdated, it is voted by M$ and Sony to shut the hosting software down for newer versions. We never see this occur because a newer system evolves or a newer version of the game is created. On the other hand, we do see servers turned back on. Star Wars Battlefront 2(2005 edition) has been turned back on.

PCs are much better in this aspect since Players Own the Servers and can control nearly EVERYTHING in the game. Quake and Unreal Tournament games were perfect examples. When you can manipulate the gravity on the server as well as how long dead bodies remain on the field.

A bit of a side note. Minecraft for PC is 100x better than the console versions. The reason is due to the Mods. One thing that dedicated console players never experience is game modding. Which is why many console gamers prefer the dozens of iterations of the same game over the years.

In the decade plus that I’ve been gaming on console, mainly primarily Xbox, I’ve maybe ran into one or two hackers. It’s widely far more common on PC because it’s less of a closed ecosystem, and easier to hack

Steam is free because it is only the client.

Also, they make billions of dollars every year. There is no direct competition.

How are the worth 1000 dollars if you are getting em for free. Which you arent cuz u are paying

You can also choose not to buy the console.

You don't need to pay for an OS to access games though, there are free operating systems available. And you don't need antivirus either. I don't have antivirus and my PC is running beautifully. Also, you don't need to upgrade your PC to run new games, you can upgrade if you want to run at higher settings/resolutions in the same way that you can upgrade your console to do the same (Xbox One X, PS4 Pro) Steam is free and has party chat and online multiplayer and there are a whole host of other FREE options for party chat.

Or own pcs.

You do realize that you pay for the Os on the console as well, on PC I can at least choose the OS I want. I can choose the browser I want, I can choose the antivirus I want.

Ahem. Oh. Right.

I also. Purchased my OS.

Just asking for a friend.


Bought Destiny 2 but could not do the real multiplayer stuff cause PS Plus. No way I am going to pay for that. Not in a million bytes.

Well I don’t know when you were playing on ps3, but for the majority of that consoles life, you didn’t have to pay to play online. The infrastructure wasn’t great, and that’s how PSN ended up being hacked and down for 9 months or something