As a designer, this is me every time an engineer helps me.

As a designer, this is me every time an engineer helps me.

Everyone knows that any command line interface transmits directly to the White House mainframe

That eye roll in panel three though...

As a developer, this is me every time my parents stand behind me while I'm fixing their problems.

As someone who only uses Bash while wearing sunglasses and a trench coat, I can confirm this is The Matrix.

No, to the Internet Mainframe.

I just do color 0A before anything

Who needs front ends anyway....


I impressed a designer once and it was a great feeling. I took his page and populated it with data from Django with a few tweaks in the terminal (and some quick vim.) Behind me I heard a "....whoah! That's incredible!" (we were on a time crunch and he came over to me) and I felt very proud of myself. Like a super-hacker.

The thing is, if I had to design the same page it would have looked like a Geocities late 90s piece of crap.I have absolutely no eye for design or the patience to deal with css. ("But I told it to float!") I was more impressed by what he did.

I'm genuinely surprised this is a relatable thing. I've never worked with a designer who wasn't at least familiar with the concept of command line tools. Even the completely inexperienced designers and the crappy ones seem to get it.

I hear they keep it in Big Ben. It's totally wireless!

We tell you that we understand. We don’t.

JK. The designer’s reactions are exaggerated for the comic ;)

"You use j and k to move up and down? SORCERY!!!"

This guy terminals

Command line interfaces are front ends.

This guy VIMs.

You joke, but a well-designed curses interface can be really efficient, and pleasing to use.

Next time you need to center anything, make any type of menu or organize anything for whatever personal project, make sure to check CSS's flex-related properties. I'm no designer either, but it's so satisfying to make something and to have everything align as I expect it for once. I'd recommend trying this little game that made me understand them much faster.

How much does the Internet weigh?? I’m surprised Big Ben can hold it up!



Why are you asking engineers for UI mockups? Might as well ask them to drill your tooth, brew your beer, and allocate your mutual funds.

It’s for Windows command prompt not bash.

The futility you feel when you type ls and the command is not found.

How much does the internet weigh sounds like a video vsauce would make...

I just checked, and yeah, there's a vsauce video about that

My parents saw me using terminal and asked if I was doing something illegal

Vim: the ultimate escape room

And then when I ask an engineer for a simple UI mock-up they wind up eating their own foot.

This guy terminals terminates


Im still a UI guy, it's too much work to remember the lines I need.

Who was triggered by that? Maybe answer to the post if that is the case?

Can't be so many when your post is the first i read mentioning the gender.

As someone who has been foiled, such an interface sounds quite nice right now...

I've worked with software engineers that were impressed that I didn't use that unusable piece of garbage eclipse git thing a git GUI.

You've seen code with comments? That must be amazing

Only a designer would understand that.

To be fair, it or can be actually quite complicated.

You can do almost about everything with bash / you /have/ to.

I love that the engineer looks like a normal human being and the designer straight up looks like a hobo.

Dammit. Now I only know 1 windows command.

Tabbing rules all. Also -h on pretty much anything --helps.

This is amazing.

Now someone tell me why I can't use it.

continuing the reference

Oh, that’s interesting!

I was actually just , but I’ll be sure to check out your video!

It's not ugly, it's "functional".

I’ve seen a lot of code whose comments are about as useful as the one you’d find on the average MySpace page.

They aliased it in powershell

Everything can be back end if you take away the monitor.

And they broke it with PowerShell, too.

Don’t be silly Jen. The Internet doesn’t weigh anything.

"What is that, it's just a 20 x 20 grid with buttons, orderer alphabetically"

"Yeah! It's perfect, you can do everything the program can do on this one screen and every function is easy to find."

Most of our coders made custom GUIs to test functions of their modules without having to go through the main program. They look like something the windows 95 designer would've done while having a stroke. They spend hours each day looking at these GUIs. But it's not like they didn't care, it's all the came up with.

But does he nethack? yuhjklbn


oh go away with git guis. I tolerate many, many tool choices, but git guis are actively harmful. Every single one I've me is harmful once you're in a little bit of trouble -- including "oh someone pushed before I could and now I have to merge / rebase" aka "minute 13 of the hour".

color: command not found

True, but I'd rather type out

ln -s foo bar


New-Item -Path foo -ItemType SymbolicLink -Value bar

Also you have to set permissions and do a bunch of configuring before PowerShell scripts will work.

I find it hard to understand how many programmers who otherwise pride themselves on being smart, wear their unwillingness to learn basic usage of vim as a badge of honor. It's funny to think of regular users of modern software trying to figure it out, but come on. You could do it if you tried.

Yeah, it's way easier when you're the only one going to use it. It's like walking into someone's messy shop and they pull out the right tool, seemingly from their ass.

Lol... that's me. I do look like a hobo sometimes.

The previous Dev weas trying to figure out why their code wasn't working so they had commented code out. They just forgot to remove it afterwards.

Yeah...I just don't support older browsers. Shit that old is a security risk.

Yes, the Elders of the Internet put it there because it has best signal.

If there's a worse and more proprietary way to do it, windows will do it that way.

Alright but we can all admit that command prompt and batch scripting is garbage. Like its bad enough that a lot of people use a virtual Ubuntu machine running on your windows instance that gives you bash.

'cause he's a Windows pleb!!!1!

PowerShell is where you should be doing real scripting in Windows, and has been for the last 10 years. It's just taking people a while to catch up.

AFAIK, the only reason not to use it is if you have to support older browser versions or IE

Ever seen the text interfaces in old supermarket tills? There's one input field that's always focused, and every function button has exactly one use no matter where in the program you are. Workers use them by muscle memory alone and so can get insanely fast at them. There are no nested menus, no guessing in navigation, no surprises. That's what every user interface should strive towards, text or otherwise.

I read an article about this some time ago, but I can't find it.

Why can't coding be as simple as designing your myspace page.

I mean, I use vim constantly in my work and I still make those jokes. Not because they're true, but because they make me smile.

Then tree and netstat

I'd say it depends on the use case. A GUI is almost always more efficient initially and to someone who uses the UI for a bit, not all the time. A TUI is the opposite: way better with constant use, terrible initially. Hence why nobody advocates TUI windows paint, but people love vim/emacs. One is something you use for a minute or two every so often. One is something you can use most days, most of the day.

I'm about 80% sure that yuhjklbn isn't a useful vim command.

This is why I feel awkward working on the command line when in coffee shops.

My mother once watched me Google several ideas about what the problem was and fixed it as per the Google instructions. She proceeded to be amazed that I could do something so difficult and still be humming the Mario theme to myself. I know she's terrible with computers (couldn't make a PowerPoint or use a USB at the time) but this is something I'd assume most people can do.

The designer’s reactions are exaggerated for the comic

I hope the engineer's are too for your own sake. I never roll my eyes at someone fascinated by what I'm doing, I just answer their questions and be friendly. I do everything I can to not be the pretentious admins I've had the pain of working with before.

Yeah because this comment is upvoted higher than that Dumpster fire down there... To anyone reading, just stop here, this thread gets so much worse.

It's called "this bit won't work on this config but it worked on the older one so we're going to keep it just in case this fix borks things"

My parents ALWAYS do this! I thought it was only mine lol.

Yeah, you can pound out a quick script for most things in a jiffy. But there does not seem to be any way to handle csv files properly in bash, so in some cases you need perl or python, perl has a few excellent plugins for csv. Also, for any large amount of data, bash is pretty slow.


This sub has a lot of /sub/comedycemetery material

ncmpcpp, ranger, vim, alsa mixer, mutt

Just let it run until they're thoroughly impressed and press Ctrl + c

Ur designers use git?!? Lucky. Our guys save the PSDs with a scheme like this:

Project Name - Homepage 1.0.psd Project Name - Homepage 1.1.psd ...

So much fun...

Haha hi Pablo! Funny seeing you here. Love these comics you make!

Reading comprehension is, apparently, a skill not widely possessed

You only need to know one thing to master bash. Get ready. Here it is: |.

That's it. You've mastered bash. That one character is all you need to know. Everything else you can look up as you need it.

command1 | command2 takes the output from command1 and pipes it into command2.

From there, you just need to do what every programmer already does... Take a complicated task and break it into a bunch of small tasks.

Let's say you're at a company that's using SVN, and it always does a bunch of prop changes on files unrelated to what you're touching, and you want to revert those changes. (purely contrived example. I'm sure no company has an awful setup like this >_>)

First, you get the status of everything.

svn st.

Then you just want to pick out the lines with only prop changes. You note that these lines all start with a blank space followed by capital M. You look up how to filter lines in a shell. Ah, grep! Quick read of the man page, maybe a refresher on regex, and you've got

svn st | grep ^\ M

Ok, now you've got a list of things you want to revert... But you really just want the file names, and you've got all those nasty Ms that are gonna mess that up. How do you remove them? You do some googling and find out about sed ("steam editor"). That'll let you search and replace. Perfect!

svn st | grep ^\ M | sed s/^\ M//

Alright, we've got the list of file names, we're in the home stretch! But... uh... how do we pass those file names to svn revert? More googling leads us to xargs, and now we're done!

svn st | grep ^\ M | sed s/^\ M// | xargs svn revert

All thanks to the power of the almighty pipe.

By the way, those keybindings are also in RES for navigating comments.


Tab autocompletes, or if there are multiple options, double tabbing shows all the options that match so far. -h or --help on most commands will show the documentation for that software.

The Internet Box


I don't have three years to wait to get around to actually fixing the problem.

Whispers I’m in

They’re wondering why there’s a floating text box above their head.

And I secretly relish in the fact that my skills are perceived as magic.

Engineer here. I love doing UI mockups. It's usually the biz guys who eat their own feet. Ask for a mockup and you usually get a shitty smartphone picture of a scribbled nonsensical diagram in a notebook.

Ya, nearly every designer I know uses some CLI tools -- whether for version control, image optimization, or just for funsies.

Once you learn it, vim really is pretty fantastic. I use vim plugins for vscode and phpstorm these days, as well as vimium for chrome; my mouse collects more dust than an HDDVD player.

Side note: you also get to feel like a douchey elitist!


It's in the same vein as the 'adulting' meme. People think it's cute to be lazy and/or ignorant.

Sure, everyone gets frustrated the first time a CLI opens Vim and you can't close it, but I know people in startups who joke about closing Vim after being in the industry for years. Get it together, people.

If you type cmd into powershell, it launchs the command window.

You can then do color 0a and then type powershell to go back to powershell, and it will keep the color changes

In the real world, 95% of the time, it would be the bearded dude doing the terminal

What is your point , in pointing this out btw?


That would be sexist, we can't just project the cold, harsh reality into a comic and expect it to get upvotes these days.

beards are trendy, this strip is accurate