"Aryan by grace the grace of God"

"Aryan by grace the grace of God"

Not racist but has tattoo of Hitler on bicep.

I’m not rascist, but I am a literal Nazi.

And he believes in the 14 words.

"14 Words" (white supremacist slogan): "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. "

I've seen a lot of white nationalists and even white supremacists say "I'm not racist". It's really common actually. But fuck me, I have never seen a person with, not just a Swastika, but an actual honest to god portrait of Adolf Hitler tattooed on them claim "I'm not racist"

What in the fuck are you talking about? If you are white, and practice and promote the "14 words", happen to have a tattoo of Hitler, and are a "proud Aryan", you are 100%, without a doubt, a racist piece of shit.

Skinheads aren't exactly poets and philosophers

That's a whole lot of of bad decisions packed into 30 years.

"...I prospect for the Minnesota Hell's Angels..."

Those 6 pack grenades have me dieing! Lololololol

Really? I'm white and couldn't give a shit if everyone else born from this moment on had darker skin than me. Why does it matter? What is it about a lack of melanin that's so worthy of preservation?

You don’t see how it’s racist that the need to not “die out” is because they think their blood is pure and everyone else is secondary? So protecting their “race” is racist in the fact that they think they’re superior to everyone else, hence the need to mitigate race mixing.

The mental gymnastics are a thing to behold

the way you attempted to spell dying has me dying.

I'm guessing you got you knowledge from Sons of Anarchy so I'll just stop. Go tell a prospect he's being a bitch to his face and see if its all good laughs.

I don't get this. Why do they think these 14 words are so magical? Aren't there better ways to express this thought with both fewer and more words?

I’m not racist but I believe in the 14 words.

Here they are for anyone too lazy to Google: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Sounds pretty racist to me.

You are aware that all of those "actual badasses" started as prospects, right?

The fuck is "pure blood" going to do for you? Do you believe there is some kind of superiority you'll gain by keeping your blood away from the rest of the Humans?

Aka he gets made a bitch several times a day by actual badasses.

I was looking for the swastika but then saw the portrait of hitler on his arm. Now I did nazi that coming.

He’s not racist but he has a jacked up tattoo of Hitler on his arm....

Not a fan generally of MMA, but I'd pay good money to watch a black dude fuck him up.

Sadly in parts of Minnesota there's a LOT of racist people. My high school parking lot used to be full of giant trucks with stacks and the confederate flag in the back window. All the white kids went to the public high school and the black kids had to go to this shitty little alternative school:

Who told him a grenade six pack tattoo was cool?


I don’t see how that is racist, not wanting your race to die out seems legit to me.

Your race is the human race, and as long as Trump stays off twitter and avoids nuclear pissing contests with Chubby Kim, it is in no real danger of dying out.

I'm not racist, but heeeeeere's Adolf!

The USA are a land of marvel and wonder.

Classic "I'm not racist but"

"I'm not racist, but.....". That sentence comes up a lot in this sub.

You are aware that about 75% of prospects get used for free labor and good laughs then kicked, right? And the ones that did make it still got made bitches routinely.

When I think of "still got made bitches routinely" I think of prison sex. What exactly are you referring to?

I had to Google that. Sounds daft.