Arsenal 6-0 BATE Borisov - Elneny 74'

Arsenal 6-0 BATE Borisov - Elneny 74'

Egyptian Salah

Arsenal needs to play this guy more, it's the only way to compete with liverpool for the Navixsport slot.

Sixth goal thanks Allah

What a finish, also Wilshere has been class all night.

Salah is just a pyramid Elneny

J Cole with the nice finish

Oh fuck off

A spacing error could make that look like "thank Salah"

No wonder i've gotten sleepy every time i've seen him

Mohamed "Mohamed Salah" Elneny

your comment makes me sick

Fucking get in.

Partly because of the heavy Arsenal/English fans on this website, and mainly because it’s an untrue statement and not really that funny.

The mans had a good game, let him have it without bringing that shit up again.

Fuck I just knew this would be top comment

Found his level.

Sorry I don't mean to start some shit but I genuinely don't understand why this is at -80 at the moment. What am I missing?

edit: Lads. I legitimately do not get it. Now I am getting downvoted as well without any answer which is bizarre.

It's obviously sarcastic

He's saying Wilshere is excelling due to the level of competition being easier (than the champions league)

the disrespect

No wonder why I've liked Elneny ever since I've seen him.

Second best player in the world, after Salah.

Please 9

4 your eyez only is a great album

great at making you appreciate and be thankful for FHD that much more

Some nice goals today tbf.

This man only scores beautiful goals

Less sickening is still sickening

Think his computer broke down last weekend or something.

Thank you, I'm not at my brightest tonight.

Hierogliph Henry

Tomayto, tomahto