Army of mouth-moving robots does rhythmic hypnotic dance.

This might be the worst thing I've seen that didn't involve people dying. I love it.

Big Mouth Masks

, a very strange product

They make damn good Halloween costumes. I went as my wife, and my wife as me. Our friends forced us to remove the mask because they were too terrifying.

This looks like the makings of a Dr. Who episode.

They can't charge a husband and a wife for the same crime!

you two should rob a bank and frame each other.

The one on the far right... He looks like he's ready to eat your soul.

That's actually terrifying


Just when I was starting to wonder what my nightmares would look like tonight... comes with...everything you need!

Pretty cheap way to get a color photo printer.

omg the surprise party! hilarious!


This might be the first "as seen on TV" item that I've ever said "I need this" to. BRB.

Horrifying. I need this product.

If this came out in the 70s, I could imagine them actually using it as a special effect...


Non-potato version of the video here: