Arizona GOP Sues to Limit Mail-in Ballots in Senate Race

Arizona GOP Sues to Limit Mail-in Ballots in Senate Race

Appears judge denied GOP attempt?

Why is the the GOP consistently on the side of restricting whose votes should be counted? Don't bother answering - it's a rhetorical question.

Fuck the GOP and fuck the Republican voters who keep being ok with them.

Fuck yeah!

The basic argument here is that red counties were able to count and certify all their mail in ballots by election day and maricopa county hasnt, so those votes shouldnt be counted.

This of course negates the fact that the votes were recieved before the deadline making them valid, and that the red counties only have a fraction of voters compared to maricopa.

Of course maricopa will take longer to count. It is faster to count to 10 than a million.

Cause fuck those people who voted by mail

Sure, let’s only count Democratic ballots, since GOP doesn’t want theirs for some reason.

Pay real close attention here to the legal argument: they are saying that not all counties keep verifying signatures after polls close. To fix it, however, they want to reduce the number of ballots counted, instead of increasing them. If they were really concerned with fairness to all voters, they would expand the votes they are counting not reduce them. This is blatant electioneering.

I heard Fox News Probably said this.