Argonauts' Matt Black clutch interception to win the Grey Cup.

Argonauts' Matt Black clutch interception to win the Grey Cup.

Because Canadian is only to 3rd down

I thought we were screwed the way Calgary was marching down the field

But it was 2nd down with only 5 yards to go, so if they try a running play or just something to get the first down and fail they could've kicked on the 3rd down and potentially tie it

I didn’t watch the game, but if Calgary didn’t have any timeouts left, running the ball would’ve kept the clock going and since it’s three downs they couldn’t spike it and 20 seconds isn’t a lot of time to set up for the field goal.

In Canadian football, the game doesnt end until there is a play when the clock hits 0. So they could run the ball, let the clock hit 0, and then lineup to kick the 3.

I don't watch a lot of football but this seemed like a weird play call. 2nd down and they're in field goal range, why not try a running play or something to get the 1st down then just kick it to tie if they don't make it? I thought they had enough time to at least attempt a shorter play

And to think that we cut him earlier in the year.

My favorite part was the very end when the teams hugged each other. That's the kind of football I want to see

That's a good point, I didn't even notice their timeout situation. Not worth the risk to run another play then I guess

Terrible idea to throw it into double coverage... in field goal range.