Archer and I are both on a rampage

Archer and I are both on a rampage

Get this woman a ... -checks color- ... slightly darker black turtleneck!

Cry havoc and let slip the hogs of war.

Whatever farmyard animal of war, Lana!

Did you see Regis this morning?

Dogs of war.

Woodhouse! Hey, where is he?...

You have a lovely smile. Never lose it.

And from a former chemotherapy patient, always have something positive and/or uplifting to look forward to. That will help you resist the illness.

Take care.

I was just going to say she's super hot and can totally pull off bald. Yours was much nicer.



Yo, I gotchu, OP.



Leave Pam out of this!

Like she'd recognize a vegetable that wasn't wrapped in a monte-cristo.

No dude no spoiler. Voice actor died. They've just been avoiding him since in the show.

Good luck with the fight! My mother beat stage 3 with 4 months to live. She now has no timeline. Stay positive and this too shall pass!

Too soon

Or in the wise and possibly rude word of Pam.. SPLOOSH

Is your bag filled with zima?

Terms of enrampagement!

Just be sure to tell everyone your name is "Cyrillllll Figgusssss!" as you make your escape.


What the voice of Woodhouse is no longer with us?!?!

Like she'd recognize a vegetable that wasn't wrapped in a monte

Because they are literally are word for word dialog out of the episodes?

Congrats to your mom! She sounds like a warrior :)

And there's a spoiler I didn't realize I was going to be exposed to.

"You could drown a toddler in my panties right now"

Chain smoking joints the size of tampons

Yeah, why?

Came to say: fuck cancer

Have some Zima and candy corn. Seemed to help archer.


Yeah and unless they tackle it in the new season (I haven't seen it yet) they just keep making excuses where he is.


Hahah it was my first post, I didn't know how to crop out the black bars! Did I mention I have cancer?

Vantablack ;)

Fight on, Duchess

George Coe. RIP George Coe.

They do approach it. I actually like how they're handling it. I recommend watching the latest season (if you're that far), it's been pretty good so far.

Wait, there are animals here?

Get after it girl--stay strong and fight hard! Nice hat...

no, that can't be it. it must be something else.

The hero we need! I feel you would be one the few people who wold appreciate my rants about incorrect aspect ratios.

Good luck with your fight OP!

I would put it in the top 7 seasons of archer

it's a malt beverage that was somewhat popular in late 90's/early 00's. Basically the precursor to Smirnoff Ice/Mikes hard lemonade.

People would put jolly ranchers in them to flavor them.

Is that shirt black or slightly darker black?

Wait hold on, one more time!

Yo, I gotchu too, hobnobbinbobthegob.

Yo, .


You look more bad ass then Archer.

In English, the dogs of war is a phrase spoken by Mark Antony in Act 3, Scene 1, line 273 of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war".

Wrong on both counts.

there she goes again... allllways blaming the cancer.

Rampage all the way through. Take cancer to the danger zone and go all Burt Reynolds on its ass. You can do it.

Probably out back shooting up some heroine, alone, scared. Hahahaha. Has anyone checked on Woodhouse? it's been like 3 months.

Slowly dying, for all anyone cares. But the saddest part is, no one does.." —Woodhouse

edit: seriously though RIP George Coe, the show hasn't been the same.

I wrote a song about your post:

scroll scroll scroll

Darkness Darkness Darkness

scroll scroll scroll

Darkness Darkness Darkness


scroll scroll scroll

Darkness Darkness Darkness

scroll scroll scroll

Darkness Darkness Darkness

Waddaya think?

I'm worried your iv might be filled with zima. Drink some and report back.

This thread is like dialog out of an episode lol well done

"Not that you would."


Agreed. RIP Woodhouse...


Holly shit your humor is as dark as 70% of that picture, I like you allready!

the outfit says Archer but the grin says "I just stole christmas"

Maybe we can stampede a flock of goats down the hall.

Props to you for finding the humor in it all. ❤️ Here's to hoping you stay well away from the daaanngerrrr zoooonneee


Best post of the week. Beat this cancer and we will pitch in and buy you an ocelot.

They do.

A carbonated malt beverage. It basically tasted like Sprite with a very light alcohol undertone. It was the butt of jokes as soon as it was released into the market.

I think you meant Tactleneck.

What the fuck is zima anyways ?

I forgot your dick's full of radiation and... mastectomy coupons.

Also yes.

Jeezy Petes...

I always remember it from the episode of the Simpsons where aunt Selma dates Troy Mcclure, and she lights up a cigarette in the restaurant while on their date.

One of the snooty patrons says, "I ordered a Zima, not Emphysema"

That is one of my utmost favorite Archer episodes

Keep kicking ass and rampaging, beautiful woman!!!

Oh....that sucks even more.

its a working title

It's like Meowschwitz in there.


It's my first time posting, gimmi a pea size break haha

Haha rookie mistake I know

And whatever my equivalent of sploosh is, which i guess is just sploosh... But with semen.



Suppressing fire!!!

And buy something for the ocelot to play with.....

I'M TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE. Now please wear a pink ribbon :)

oohh, casa blumpkin

Do you even Archer? It's a Tactleneck.

Good luck!!! :) And I bet you'd look great in a turtleneck