Apologies to Eric, But There's a New Dumbest Trump

Apologies to Eric, But There's a New Dumbest Trump

SNL will have to re-do their entire bit on Weekend Update which is a shame because Eric loves fun dip

It's fitting that the only person stupider than Donald Trump is also named Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump isn't even the stupidest person named Donald Trump!"

If you haven't read the 'Trump Brothers' series from The Onion, you're in for a real treat. Here's just a taste:

“I’d like to see Mueller try to make us testify! We’ve got everything we need to outlast him: Froot Loops, my Nintendo DS, super glue, juice, a spool of real fishing line, a bike pump. I even brought a picture of the whole family so we’ll never forget what they look like.”

The second he tasted the powder, I immediately lost it. Same thing happened when Donnie Jr gave him a fidget spinner and flicked it.

I love when he accidentally tells the truth in those bits. It would be a funny bit where the whole family gets taken away to prison, leaving Eric & Tiffany innocently sharing some fun dip & watching cartoons, acting oblivious to their family being taken away in cuffs. Then when they are about to cut the scene, they high five each other & reveal they were the masterminds behind it all. Muahahahaha!

But aren't they all the dumbest Trump? I mean look at the BLOATUS.

Poor Eric.

Now he has nothing.

They're like some sort of Quantum Entangled level of stupid, as soon as you measure one the values of the others change.

Source: I know nothing about Quantum Mechanics.

Member when Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a picture of himself eating cheerios to show a good natured reaction to the SNL sketch, but it wasn't self-effacing in any way because it's just a joke about his brother being a moron and himself being the smart one?

Except the fidget spinner didn't taste as good to Eric.

The Dumbest Trump is whichever one is currently talking.

Wasn't there a phishing email some time ago where Eric was the only one not to fall for it?

Maybe he was always kind of smart and has just learned to act stupid and tough so his family didn't bully him. He's weird and creepy due to personality disorders from being made fun of for his smarts as a kid.

TweedleDumb and TweedleTwat

Don't have to change much really, except Eric jumps in after awhile "I'm the good son now!"