You can slowly see my Photoshop quality decline as my laptop battery gets closer to running out lol.

Turns out the AP buff was just swapping the APDS and AP damage models instead of doing anything useful.

Is that WoT tank portrait?!

Chad T-54 laughs in APCBC

The original comic is so fucking cringey. I will never understand how someone can think like that and be okay with being someone's doormat.

"Oh, I worked hard for that and it was a pretty major means of transportation for me, but that's okay, take it."

APDS hasn't done much damage for a really long time they didn't swap the damage models not even sure where you got that idea.

It's more to just trying to stay calm and not going crazy when something bad happen, from there on, it's your move to make a rational decision.

exterminatus it is!

You went to 100% faster than a 1.3BR tank going to Point A

You don't need to become angry or irrational but the original comic is saying that it's actually a good thing to have your bike stolen and have others push you around.

Bike cuck

What are the alternatives though? Make a police report that ends up as part of a statistic and nothing else? Get angry and worked up about it, with noone responsible that you could direct your anger at?

Do you know how many bikes get stolen and how often it happens that you get them back in working order?

In most cases you just waste your time and have to let your anger out at innocent people. Whats the point in that?

The only productive thing that you can do, assuming the bike was worth a few hundred or more, is tell your insurance, if they want then report it to the police, and then forget all about it.

Don't project

Username checks out.