Anyone see where I parked my bike?

Anyone see where I parked my bike?

John Cena's Bike

I too am looking for my Speeder... last seen in the forest of Keshyyyk

I agree it's "easy" from a technical standpoint but I admit my method was a bit tedious. Got a small brush really full of paint, put a dob of paint down and spread it around in a blob, repeat. Wash afterward. Took me about an hour and a half to two hours, but I admit I'm not an efficient painter (I still have unpainted stormtroopers from launch day staring at me, and the game has been out, what a month now?)

Love it did mine base black with camo stripes black and white

If you follow Sorastros guide for Rebel troopers he does a section on camo in jungle and urban settings. With jungle he glazes the area with water first to defuse the colors. It's a great technique if you don't have an airbrush.

Is this as easy as it looks like it would be? Just prime grey and do a bunch of black and white splotches? Cause I'm in.