Anyone notice the parallels The Walking Dead is trying to pull in Season 8?

Anyone notice the parallels The Walking Dead is trying to pull in Season 8?

This isn't reaching, I'm not stupid.

Carl meets a middle eastern guy and he is scared off by Rick with warning shots. Carl tracks him down some time later to bring him food and water, the guy gives a monologue to point out his selfless religious motivations for fighting the walkers. So we know hes from the mid-east and religious, after they prove to you very heavy handedly that this guy is a saint who doesn't want any trouble, Carl offers to bring him into his settlement. Carl says "I'm responsible for you now, thats how it works." He says "I don't want any trouble, your dad didn't want anything to do with me". Carl says: "sometimes kids have to find their own way, to show their parents the way."

The scene is not very subtle about the message here. Hes a refugee that Carl wants to bring over the wall into his settlement, that his Dad doesn't trust and wants to keep out. But Carl is going to defy his Dad and show him the light about letting him in.

This is the thing I notice in the walking dead, each season they jump on whatever is currently the social climate of the moment. They already brought in the gay character and went out of their way to make sure everyone knew that they were basically perfect, incorruptible people with the most pure and genuine love of anyone on the show, maybe even the world. So cartoonishly out of context with reality all to validate the left wing social justice.

Now this season they are making sure to put extras with hijabs up front and center and bring in the muslim guy who is also cartoonishly both a victim and the most pure and good person in the world. The problem is, the show has absolutely awful execution and this just rings like insulting levels of pandering.

Basically what Tv will do, is whoever is the victim in style, they make sure to throw into their show or movie and make them into living propaganda, a condensed virtue signalling figure who embodies all of the perfect traits that "debunk" the stereotypes and "hate". I just saw this in a movie recently where someone was a possible hijacker on a plane and the main character had to figure out who it was, so they obviously had a middle eastern character on the plane and the white people would make comments indicating their distrust in him, but what did the writers INSIST upon this character? Hes actually a doctor who has a wonderful family and they trot him out to prove how great of a guy he is, just completely obliterate any suspicions we could have that hes the bad guy in a movie where it could be anyone.

I'm really just ranting cause Walking Dead sucks and the writing, choreography, characters, it all blows and not just cause they virtue signal with their throw away side characters.

Yeah it sucks because these writers feel they need to just keep going deeper with this shit to stay relevant, not realizing their audience is on a different path - everybody agrees there can be fantastic Muslim gay pot growers, but if you’re so idea-starved that you need ham-handed metaphor like this in your show, it really is scraping the bottom.

Maybe, they could stick to the comics? Nah, let's make awkward societal references instead

These characters are clearly just skin color and sexual orientations to be used as nothing more than that. Just prove a point, its not natural or even decent, its insulting. All they do is reduce real people to objects for their not at all subtle statements on society. They never created a muslim character, not until this whole controversy, so now when they need one they order up one saintly muslim to validate their side. Its sick.

Holy fuck, is that show still running?

I watched a bit of it, but they seemed to stop fighting zombies and it all just became one big bitchfest.

I stopped watching cause I wasn't going to buy the show, but my brother has them so I decided why not...It really isn't good. The choreography is awful, the characters are terrible, the action scenes are painfully bad...It just needs to end.

Also heads are not butter, you can't just place a knife in them. It looks so goofy. It was good when the zombies were a threat and they made really cool zombies as set pieces, but now its just really really boring drama between very large groups of throwaway background characters LARPing at war.

I'm super disappointed about the virtue signaling as well. I humbly disagree that the show overall 'blows' - I rarely watch television programs, but even I got sucked into TWD, though far later than everyone else (binge watched the entire show a few months ago). So I personally loved the show when I was watching it seven seasons behind everyone else.

But now I'm seeing what a lot of others saw when they watched it live - which is to say, exactly what you noted here: they're following real time politics and social trends and responding to them in the show. And I agree wholeheartedly that it's disgusting. It's obvious and preachy and makes me feel I'm being manipulated, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who resents a program trying to emotionally manipulate me into whatever social/political ideology they want me to support. It's gross, and it pisses me off.

I've no problem with a director/writer showing their own personal ideologies in their work; it's impossible as an artist not to. But there is a difference between biasing your content towards your own ideologies, and intentionally trying to manipulate others into feeling like terrible human beings if they don't agree with your ideologies.

That's what they're doing that I find reprehensible. They're creating an emotional environment wherein if you don't follow their ideologies, then you're a "bad guy," vs. being one of the "good guys." And what's so reprehensible about it, imo, are the sheer number of normies who won't realize they're being manipulated, and thus will allow their own tentative RL convictions to be swayed by a fictional television show that has become propaganda. And these normies are the ones who need protecting from this bullshit, because much like innocent children, they are the ones being preyed upon due to their innocence and ignorance.

I've stopped my season recording. I'll be educating everyone I know about it, just as you've done here (and I hope will continue to do). I have to believe that most people, when educated, will have a similar response to what we have. I believe they will be equally offended and irate at the sheer arrogance of a group of actors, writers and directors attempting to claim they are the moral authority in our country and it's their job to "save" the rest of us with their oh-so-righteous perspectives.

No one likes to be treated like retarded children incapable of forming their own convictions. I think TWD has gone too far, and I suspect they'll end up going the way of the NFL if we continue educating.

Tl;dr: Fuck TWD and their attempts at self righteous audience manipulation. I'm angry, because they could have stuck to fiction, and been great.

carl should have died on the first season

Freakin coral. They've killed all of the good characters and left us with a truck load of lesbians that gotta prove themselves.

as long as they kill Negan, i'm good

The gay characters aaron and eric were actually introduced to the series in the comics in 2009. And jesus the only other gay character in thw show was introduced in the comics in 2011. So it’s not really a political stunt it was already in the story. Siddiq the muslim was written into the comic in 2014

The show has been going down the poop chute for years now.

That show is super cucked.