Anyone just feel an earthquake in San Jose?

Anyone just feel an earthquake in San Jose?

At 10:32pm? I could have sworn it was. My windows shook as well as my bed.


Update: looks like there were 2 in the past 24 hours.

3.1 in San Martin and 3.9* in SJ Foothills.

They may be small but stay safe everyone!

Felt the house creaking and a slight shudder.

I felt it at the same time in Sunnyvale. First one for me since moving here, pretty strange!

In Daly City, I just felt the tremors laying in bed, I always get uneasy.

I did. Felt that entire ground beneath me move. Scary. Hope it’s not foreshocks of the big one that’s supposed to be coming

Kinda interesting, there was a 3.1 like 30 miles south of SJ a few hours ago.

I felt it too. Damn! Happened 3 hours ago near Morgan Hill, but I felt it only just now, about 3 hours later. Aftershocks?

Take this minor quake as a reminder to keep an earthquake survival/preparedness kit

There's a lot of stuff here but i'd recommend to keep at least a first aid kit, bottled water, candles, lighter and/or matches, non-perishable and/or canned food and a radio (wind-up or battery powered and some extra batteries) somewhere handy and easily accessible.

I got up because my dog say right up seconds before it happened so I grabbed him and nearly fell off the bed because I had one foot off the bed as I was about to stand up... Nobody was around so I thought maybe it was just me. Glad I'm not going crazy lol

Looks like initial reports are saying this one was stronger than the one 3 hours ago.

Looks like there was one, 3.1 magnitude in San Martin and the one I felt, 3.9 magnitude in the SJ foothills.

According to this, there was 2 in the last 24 hours. The last, just 16 minutes ago which is the one I am referring to in the foothills.