Anyone else really miss Dead Ghost hunting and Grimoire Score?

Anyone else really miss Dead Ghost hunting and Grimoire Score?

Yes, I miss the entire grimoire system from D1

Dead ghosts were kind of a chore but yeah I was all about that grimoire. 5615. Finishing Rumble before it could be cheesed. Really added to my sense and accomplishment

I think the grimoire system worked well for D1 it was like having a players guide that you used to get that had all the lore they couldn't cram into the game for you to read. I loved reading the Warcraft and Starcraft manuals and the lore stories in them. This was one that made you have to hunt it.

I just want more story sprinkled into the actual game too.

I kinda miss my 60 dollars. I don't play on consoles (always choose to upgrade or build a new pc instead of invest in a console) so I never got to play d1. But had always wanted to try it out because of everything I had seen and herd. And that fact that it was on b net helped wrangle my money loose of my finger tips.

So d2 get announced that it will be on pc. So I pre ordered it. Now here we are what a month later? I don't touch the game. If I try to fire it up I instantly don't feel like messing with it. It requires a group to do these nightfalls and raids, yet the game lacks any sort of real social features. So I have a hard time finding people to play with.

And here we are now. Stuff being locked behind a paywall! Now I have no desire to play at all even though let's be honest, they are things I'll never get to do anyways because I'm pretty much a lone wolf

And you could spot a veteran player even if he wasn’t at max level. 295 for Kong’s fall... but 5400 grimoire? I want THAT guy on my team

Ok but that honestly is pride an accomplishment! That score was meaningless, having it didn't impact the game in any way. If a player had it and you didn't that didn't mean they were having more fun, or could do something you couldn't. Grimoire score was merely a personal thing to challenge yourself.

I kept doing this while going through the story missions... would explore and look around... then would randomly remember they took dead ghosts out and get sad :(

I thought for sure dead ghosts we're coming back when we see Sigira power down. Was super disappointed when she was somehow with Ikora in the next scene. Would have been a nice way to add them back

Yes. I miss both of those things and the hidden gems that led to the founding of /sub/raidsecrets more than I can express.