Anybody else getting only 2 items from PokeStops?

Anybody else getting only 2 items from PokeStops?

Yes, I consistently get only 2 now. Wonder if Niantic is trying to make items less available so people buy them.....

Yep, only been getting two since the new forced update and it's being talked about over on The Silph Road.

Looks like niantic wants more and more people to stop playing the game which is kinda a sad for the player.

They can't be serious....

I came on to Reddit to look for threads about this. Now the real question is who complained about their bags being too full?!

Yeah it's been happening for like an hour now... I've spun like 15 pokestops, and only gotten two items each time, and not a single revive in those items. I really hope this isn't going to be a permanent change.

Yes, all the time. Bloody annoying.

It’s just a bug. It should be text posted.

same problem... normally 2 items, sometimes 4 or 10, but mostly 2

Its morning in Australia, ive just spun my first stop of the day, and gotten 4 items. Then I've had 2 consistently since. Even spinning a silver gym that is under my control (glorious Instinct!) yields 5 items. I hope this is a bug, because otherwise this is a real kick in the teeth to rural players.