Antonio Brown (toe) absent on Thursday

Antonio Brown (toe) absent on Thursday

He played on Monday, so this is his Wednesday my dudes.

Guys, i checked the calendar. He's right.

Don't care that it means nothing. Seeing half my starting roster pop up on injury reports this afternoon is just not what you want in a win or go home week.

I'm gonna freak out if that's okay with everyone.

I got you

He played on 100% of the snaps last week. He's truly a god.

Can someone link a calendar so I can confirm

Did we not learn from last week that practice for Antonio Brown is just a formality. He will be play, and not be held back at all.


Mines not ALL injuries... I have Zeke and Gronk sitting there too

I played against Ben & AB last week and barely won by 1.0 points. Lucky me, I got seeded to play the same guy in the playoffs so I get Ben and AB TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! My heart can't handle all this stress.

Please win me the ship AB