Anthony's failed reddit takedown

Anthony's failed reddit takedown

Anthony has shot more than one appliance .. One time he bit and stomped on his dishwasher

Nice touch on the other emails in Uncle Fuck's inbox.

I'd like to contribute somewhere in the region of $60,000 for a few more of these.


You're such a creative boy.


I love the fact there are creatives here... it kinda ruins the argument that it's just moms' basement dwellers with nothing better to do.

Fuckin' talent up in dis muug.

I watched this 12 times to read all the emails because I couldn't figure out how to pause it

/u/porsalin need to be a mod

Actually it enforces it because who else would have the free time to devote effort to shit like this. Not that I don’t appreciate it.

You are incredibly talented.

I like it when the monitor shards cut his face up. Nice touch.

Almost as good as a teenager making flash for in 1999

The emails were fucking hysterical. My favorite was the one from Opie Radio.

It was the best part of the gif

RE:/sub/opieandanthony Compliant

It's completely ruined now.

Even then the point is that even the basement dwellers here are god damn talented. 99% of us are casual subreddit visitors. Joe admitted he can't even play guitar well...and he's been playing in a band in his spare time for decades to pay his child support.

It doesn't take basement dweller to find the humour in:

a guy who shows up to a court in white runners + t-shirt, even when broadcasted nationally on TV

claiming he's not a pedophile 6 times without being asked

denying he tweeted words for which ACTIVE links exist for all (including "because imager"

calls a few thousand random people taking a passing interest in a previously great radio show "online terrorists" because ONE dude spent his time imitating him to cancel his dumb tribute band shows


Do these take a long time? What program do you use? Excellent work, as always. The Ancestry email had me HOWL-ing.

Porsalin is talented AND good looking. What a package.

You're going to make some muslim woman a happy bride.