Anthony Pettis strength of schedule is up there as one of the toughest I've seen.

Anthony Pettis strength of schedule is up there as one of the toughest I've seen.

Benson Henderson, Clay Guida, Jeremy Stephens, Joe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone, Benson Henderson again, Giblert Melendez, Rafael dos Anjos, Alvarez, Edson Barboza, Charles Oliveira, Max Holloway, Jim Miller, Dustin Poirier. God damn.

Dude must be due for a BJ Penn comeback fight, but probably gets Chad Mendes after hes spent 18 months in the gym.

145-170 are by the the deepest divisions. Once you've been on a Wheaties box there are no easy fights.

Yeah, if you watch guys like Pettis and Benson fight, they are still phenomenal. Just top tier competition is always hard in those weight classes.

Half the middleweights are close to 40.

Interesting post. I'm building an MMA database that rates/ranks fighters and according to it, Showtime is at #32.

Here's the top 20 list of fighters with highest average opponent rating.

Fighter SoS Fights Chris Weidman 6,105.68 17 Daniel Cormier 5,369.11 20 Cain Velasquez 5,231.06 16 Georges St. Pierre 5,171.48 28 Mark Hunt 5,066.33 25 Johny Hendricks 4,991.21 26 Yoel Romero 4,940.01 14 Frankie Edgar 4,898.66 28 Lyoto Machida 4,887.18 30 Demian Maia 4,857.65 33 Tyron Woodley 4,836.26 24 B.J. Penn 4,823.14 30 Luke Rockhold 4,808.13 19 Jon Jones 4,746.88 22 Benson Henderson 4,713.85 33 Anthony Johnson 4,676.53 28 Steve Fiscus 4,668.67 2 Dan Henderson 4,610.72 47 Chad Mendes 4,549.4 21 Fabricio Werdum 4,532.6 30

Ninja edit: Just had a look, Steve Fiscus had only two fights - both losses against Travis Fulton, who has a fucking insane record: 253-53-10 (1NC).

The whole list is kind of shocking. Seems flawed as fuck

Yeah I think 135 is getting up their too. Their top 10 is actually insanely good they don't get enough credit. 185 also has a very good top 5 or 6 but the gap after starts becoming really huge. 205 is extremely poor after the top 3-4. 125 is DJ at the top by an insane margin then benavidez, cejudo and after that it's pretty low level tbh. 265 is Stipe at a level above and then a whole bunch of people who could easily randomly beat eachother with one punch lmao.

Fun fact: Shogun is younger than Tyron Woodley

Middleweight: GSP(36), Robert Whittaker(26), Michael Bisping(38), Yoel Romero(40), Luke Rockhold(33), Jacare Souza(37), Chris Weidman(33), Derek Brunson(33), Anderson Silva(42), Kelvin Gastelum(26), David Branch (36), Uriah Hall(33), Vitor Belfort(40), Krysztof Jotko(28), Lyoto Machida(39), Paulo Costa(26)

Featherweight: Max Holloway(25), Jose Aldo(31), Frankie Edgar(35), Ricardo Lamas(35), Cub Swanson(34), Chan Sung Jung(30), Brian Ortega(26), Yair Rodriguez(24), Jeremy Stephens(31), Darren Elkins(33), Renato Moicano(28), Dennis Bermudez(30), Dooho Choi(26), Mirsad Bektic(26), Miles Jury(29), Jason Knight(25)

Interesting that out of the top 15 middleweight has 8 fighters over the age of 35 while featherweight has 0. I would say featherweight is a tougher division just because I expect a lot of those fighters to keep improving whereas I expect less improvement from the middleweights going forward.

Steve Fiscus

If this guy is on your top 20 list, there is something deeply wrong.

It would be a lot more work, but it would be great if you could account for at what point in their career they fought. Fighting a great fighter over the hill or when they're still up and comers is not nearly the same thing as fighting them in their prime.

They should definitely give him someone like Dunham next

That way, he gets a fight where he should ostensibly win but also gives Evan a scalp if he pulls it off

And that's why GSP is the GOAT. DJ and Silva aren't even on the list. I wonder where Fedor is?

Fedor is at 102, between Shinya Aoki and Will Brooks, lol.

DJ is 105, Anderson is at 44.

That's the Strength of Schedule top 20. By ratings he slots in at #78,632.

Here's the top 10 by rating:

Name Georges St. Pierre Jon Jones Daniel Cormier Demetrious Johnson Stipe Miocic Tony Ferguson Max Holloway Conor McGregor Tyron Woodley Gegard Mousasi

Why am I not surprised Chris Weidman tops the list lol

Is Fedor's average lowered by the cans he fought between the top contenders? It seems like going off of averages would be a disadvantage to someone who has been active for so long and alternated fighting the best and nobodies.

Edit: to clarify, it seems silly to rate someone's strength of competition so low because they won fights against easier guys in addition to the best ones

If I’m James Vick I am begging for the pettis fight.

I wanted to respond to this but I have no words

I did just stop scrolling and stare blankly at the screen for a few seconds though

I'm open to constructive criticism if you have any to share.

It is all speculation and opinion, but I think if you're giving middleweight "the stars aligned" then the same can be said if featherweight. I also don't think one hit KO power should decide what MMA division is better. I feel that an incomplete fighter who is prone to rapid improvement is a lot more dangerous than a fighter who is more complete now but is more likely to deteriorate than improve.

Between Dan Henderson, Shogun, and Vitor, combined they have competed against (excluding themselves of course - also including some obscure grappling matches):

Bisping, Lombard, Gegard, DC, Rashad, Machida, Fedor, Cavalcante, Babalu, Shields, Rich, Silva, Rampage, Wanderlei, Bustamante, Chonan, Big Nog, Little Nog, Arona, Renzo, Carlos Newton, Yvel, Frank Shamrock, Marquardt, Gastelum, Jacare, Weidman, Rockhold, Jones, Rumble, Sexyama, Overeem, Tito, Randy, Chuck, Sakuraba, Tank Abbott, Ricco Rodriguez, Ricardo Almeida, Genki Sudo, OSP, Chael, Corey Anderson, Gus, Forrest, Mark Coleman, and Kevin Randleman

... which is basically every notable name 185+ from this century (and some before).

The list should have a min. of 10 fights.

Aka get Steve "whodafuqisdatguy" Fiscus out of there.

Opponent Rating Date Jesse Fujarczyk 1,678.25 2006-10-07 Jeremiah Constant 2,059.33 2006-12-16 Brad Morris 2,617.25 2008-04-19 Jake O'Brien 3,166.67 2008-07-19 Denis Stojnic 2,286.02 2009-02-07 Cheick Kongo 4,665.86 2009-06-13 Ben Rothwell 5,166.11 2009-10-24 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 7,636.85 2010-02-20 Brock Lesnar 4,220.25 2010-10-23 Junior dos Santos 6,466.74 2011-11-12 Antonio Silva 5,953.32 2012-05-26 Junior dos Santos 8,128.10 2012-12-29 Antonio Silva 6,766.09 2013-05-25 Junior dos Santos 7,579.88 2013-10-19 Fabricio Werdum 9,225.80 2015-06-13 Travis Browne 6,080.36 2016-07-09

Looks like Big Nog, JDS (x2) and Werdum are the reason.