Another year of my friends and I racing and destroying $300 cars in a field. [OC]

Another year of my friends and I racing and destroying $300 cars in a field. [OC]

Once again this is the greatest thing you can do with 300 dollars.

Can confirm, I've never paid less to have more fun than this.

We started out by donating them to the kidney foundation (they get a few bucks by scrapping the cars) and recently we've scrapped them to recoup some of the costs of organizing the race.

You guys lookin for some new friends? I've got $300.

Haha we actually had to downsize the event from last year, the organizers didn't want it to turn into a total gong show.

Nice! I'm going to speak for myself, but the extra time in disassembling the parts, listing them, and shipping/selling, just isn't worth it for most teams who want to have a fun weekend and walk away.

Scrappers just junk the whole car for melt down! If you want to recoup the most money, sell the 'wear' items on ebay. Door/Window handles, visors, "o shit" grab bars, any glass that survives, any switches / fuse blocks etc.

I made a little over 1200 parting out the inside of my 300 dollar junker build.

Well this year I learned that I should check if the wheels are tight so they don't fall off. Seems basic, right? Other than that, I think the organizers have realized they want to keep it a small event, making it safer and more fun, if it grew too big it'd be more work than it's worth. We tried adding drag racing and other challenges, but this year there were very few cars left running after the 3 hour race.

This is my most anticipated video of the year, second only to the Minnesota All Hockey Hair video.

Check out the ebay valet services.

more money > less money

Know anyone with a bit of land? Get a couple buddies and some cheap cars and you're set!

Seems like a great tradition

Quick question, what do you do with the cars after?

I'd be interested to hear what you guys learned each year. Like what will be incorporated next year that wasn't though of the previous year

He just said no...

I wanna come just to watch and drink some beer and grill some brats , but alas i'm in the states :(

Worst thing is if someone is really trying to win. Ruins fun. Better keep it small. Spectating would be dangerous up close, would need some sort of hill to see everything from I guess.

And then go RATATATATA Fast and Furious trailer soundtrack in sync


Here's this years. Enjoy your

Damn, wish I would've known about this for a couple personal projects. Thanks!

OP: seriously, make this an event. people would pay good money to

1) watch

2) participate

sick video!

Where do you find cars that cheap? Everyone in my area tries to sell their clunkers for 1k - 2k.

"Any problems so far?"

"...It's an Audi"


nope, not strict. But since no cars are left running by the end of the day, anyone who spends more is pretty much throwing their money away. Maintenance depends on the ambition of the team, in past years I haven't even checked if the car had oil.

Cooling is king (once again). Smaller engines don't overheat. Skid plates/rad/oil pan protection can be important and volvo's are amazing!

Those require cages, full racing gear, and way more money than 300 dollars that this does.

Where do you live? Try a junkyard or Craigslist.

The cars are for the most part unmodified, the one team this year was pretty ambitious with adding skid plates and stuff. Otherwise no extra safety equipment, the track is designed so speeds are less than 40mph.

Since it's a group of friends, it's made clear that nobody wants to get hurt, and everyone should drive accordingly. Obviously this wouldn't work if the race was actually competitive or between strangers haha.

By the 2nd annual event it would be straight-up monster trucks.

You can't just say that without linking it!

but any excess outside of the organizers cost is donated. Recent years scrap prices have been low. This year we might have a touch of extra so it'll likely go to the local Legion

Woah.. I've got a no longer road legal mazda 323 and my buddies have a Corsa and an old Fiesta. We have fields. How haven't we thought of this.

Great stuff OP, this is what living a little looks like

The crown vic they had to buy a case of beer on top of the $300. All CAD of course so, like $12 USD i think? A few were $300 plus cost of paint. In the past we've picked up running cars for as low as $100.

We've considered that but it's an effort thing. We have full time jobs and need the cars gone for seeding of the field shortly after the event.

Let's start our own. Everyone throw in $250 and spending limit of 300 on the car.

We had one in Iowa this past October. Almost 200 cars entered. Its an incredible amount of fun for how cheap it is. Except we knock the glass out. If someones interested, I'll try and get the video up.