Another Mechanical Can Crusher... in Dual Action

Thats just beautiful.

See, this is how you build something. No action is wasted. This is also how you build yourself. Don't work hard, work smart. See what you can accomplish in 1 step instead of seeing how many steps you can take. This is why I pee while in the shower.

Thank you, I swing both ways.

Only downside to this is that someone actually had to drink those Milwaukee's best light.

Meanwhile in Michigan: 'oof ow my 10 cents a can'

You could turn this into a circular motion, given the motor has enough torque thus crushing many more cans at once.

Its going too slowly

The simplicity, the efficiency, and precision. It is a work of art.

10/10 would mechanogasm again

Middle out?

Waiting for this thread to evolve to the point I’m inspired to create middle-out encryption

Depends on the lever arm

It's 5 cents in California, and it really adds up if you drink a lot of soda. I need to get myself a can crusher so I can actually get some of that change back. Without crushing them, it's not worth the effort. Last time I decided to cash in with like 5 bins full of uncrushed cans, I got only like $3.15.

You had to crush that one in, didn't you?

In my city, and I assume others as well, we don't have a can buy-back program. But we do have scrap yards that will be aluminum by weight. So if you're collecting cans to exchange for cash, it just makes it easier if they're taking up a lot less space.

I've read in other comments that if the state has a buy-back program, the can has to be uncrushed for some reason.

It's not really selling as it's getting your money back. When you buy a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper for $6.99 for example, when you ring it up at the register, it adds 60 additional cents for something called a CRV, or California Redemption Value. It's a fancy word for a deposit. They hold your money and you get it back when you turn it in to a recycling center. Assuming you actually bring it back, if not then you forfeit that money.

Honest question, what's preventing it from performing faster?

How much torque does it take to crush a can?

That's very clever.

Why are can crushers a thing?

Literally middle out compression.

I guess the correct way to ask that question is how many PSI does it take to crash a can.

I knew I'd find this comment.

The only thing that is scary is seeing a empty can of Milwaukee’s Best... what human put themselves through drinking that?

I believe it has to be uncrushed so they can read the barcode to make sure it is something that can be redeemed. For example, water bottles don't have a deposit, so you can't get anything back.

Me at The ripe age of 17

So you crush the cans and sell them as scrap?

In the state I live in (Oregon) you can only get your deposit back by recycling uncrushed cans in a bottle return machine. If you crush them up you can bring them to the scrapyard but you just get whatever they're willing to pay.

So /sub/oddlysatisfying

The variable speed on the wheel (at right) makes it look like it's being hand-cranked, so pedantically the operator is preventing it from performing faster. Realistically, the limit on speed is going to be the cans falling down from gravity; it can only go as fast as a new can get into position (and the old cans can fall out of the way). Some sort of active feed mechanism would be required to speed it up beyond that.

This is my job, it's sodapressing

Work smart enough and you won’t have a job anymore.

Edit: Working efficiently primarily benefits your employer and secondarily benefits you. The value you pass on to your employer through increased productivity may or may not end up working in your favor. Some employers will see an opportunity to eliminate or reduce your role while others may see a talented person who could be of use in other ways. There is very little way for you as an employee to know which way it will pan out. I used to work in food manufacturing (specialty coffee) which is a notoriously capital intensive, low-margin business. Employers in that space will take any opportunity they can to reduce their overhead. However, this may not be the case at other companies or in other industries with deeper pockets and higher margins.

At least girth isn't an issue in this equation.


You wanna know how Milwaukees Best is the best? It says so right in the name. They wouldn't lie to you.

This why when I automate any part of my own job, I don't tell anyone.

It’s for sure not legal, but I’m pretty sure Milwaukee’s Best solely markets itself to teenagers and severe alcoholics.

Girth is always an issue in any relationship.

Water bottles have a deposit where I'm at

you can fit more in the recycle bin!!

Not PSI, just lbf, as the cans are of a fixed size. Also i think that it's non-linear, the most being at the beginning of each stroke to start crushing, and at the end of each stroke to get the can as flat as possible, when the lid and end are crushed. Add a large flywheel to it, ideally before the gear reduction, and run it faster. The momentum will be enough to even out those two spikes and the higher speed will save you lots of time during the easy, low force part of the crushing.

California has some pretty progressive laws on recycling, I use to work at a recycling center. Anything that has CRV on it you'll get your nickel or dime back, as long as it is in enough condition to tell that it has CRV.

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U want sum dik?

This is why I pee while in the shower

You could turn this into a circular motion

That really runs the risk of getting pee all over the shower.

Not hand cranked:

Nope. Used to be in operations and logistics. I actually automated a significant part of my last job. After that, there wasn’t much left to do other than grunt work. They couldn’t automate that and they didn’t have another place to put me so they laid me off and hired someone cheaper.


I know right. It's "ICE" or nothing for me.

Recyclers will pay you for them by the pound. I used to make bank as a kid from recycling all of my family's beer cans. $50 every couple of months was pretty good money for doing almost nothing.

Minor correction, its Milwaukee's Best Light aka Beast Light.

Milwaukee's Best - Red shield Milwaukee's Best Light - Blue shield Milwaukee's Best Ice - Black shield

Pipes are pipes!

10? Try 25 eurocent for us germans 😥

You're in IT aren't you?

Best from Milwaukee. Key to that is, apparently, Milwaukee sucks

Well there's your problem - you got caught

You could lower the ceiling down to the floor, thereby crushing all the cans at once. Smart.

+1 for mechanogasm

Teenagers that drink Milwaukee Best = future severe alcoholics Can confirm 😵

Eh, it serves its purpose as a cheap garage/lawnmower beer here in Minnesota. Personally I think Milwaukee's Best Light tastes damn close to Miller Lite so I used to get it on occasion. At 24 cans for $10.99, its perfectly fine on a hot afternoon when working in the yard.

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Ha ha, I had the same thought.

I'm a little horrified that you know the distinctions. I only knew of one kind of Milwaukee's Best.

New England. Almost all water bottles have a deposit here.


/sub/sinkpissers masterrace.

We in Oregon just raised ours to 10. It's basically a defacto homeless tax as most of us just throw it in the recycling bin for them to find.

Idk about Germany, but yes in Michigan they can’t be crushed


Middle out!!! The most efficient way!!

But we do have scrap yards that will be aluminum by weight. So if you're collecting cans to exchange for cash, it just makes it easier if they're taking up a lot less space.

The scrap yards in my area will not accept crushed cans. A lot of people were putting pebbles or whatnot in the can before crushing to add weight.

I find it so depressing

I know in Michigan carbonated drinks have a deposit non carbonated do not. So say I have a can of coca cola that is returnable, if I had a can of coffee (or non carbonated beverage of your choice) it's not. If you could just crush the cans then you could get the deposit back on things that never had a deposit

I'm not sure what's going on here anymore.

They have to be .. non-crushed? Also, it's a great thing.

❤️😍 my new crush...

Does it get dirty and sticky as fuck? I can imagine this thing would almost need a constant spray on it from all the leftover shit in the cans.

Why are can crushers a thing?

Because it CAN crush your dreams!

How quickly the uncrushed can falls into position is the issue, not really how fast the crushed cans fall out because you're crushing away from a freshly crushed can. Yes, it's still an issue if the crushed can doesn't exit in a timely manner but the bottleneck is the speed an uncrushed can falls.

Sorry to be pedantic, nothing that you said was wrong, I just wanted to emphasise the uncrushed can's importance out of the two.

This is correct, I live in Michigan and return my bottles and cans several times a year.

You put them in a machine, it fucks the bottle around for a hot second to find the barcode, and then it is promptly crushed immediately after. The new machines are actually very fast and it's pretty fun to turn them in now.

In addition to ensuring the item is valid, the machine also needs to verify the can/bottle was sold in Michigan, or else people could bring theirs in from out of state and get free money.

I've done that. Kept it a secret. Sat around and looked like I was doing nothing, but all my work was done. Boss did not like it, put me on watch, I quit a week later.

Sat around and looked like I was doing nothing

That's why you got fired. ALWAYS look busy regardless if you're working or not. Bosses feel disrespected when you do that shit.

The source:


In Michigan we have machines in grocery stores that you have to feed the cans and bottles into. You can't crush them because the machine has to scan the UPC/barcode.

Sounds like it's different in California and you can crush them, based on his explanation. Although his/her $3.15 seems way off... At 5 cents/can, that's 63 cans. I don't know what kind of bins he's talking about, but each bin only holds 12 cans?

You blast off the shit stains?

Extended Scandinavian family. It was a very steady stream of income.

Laziness, not necessity, is the mother of invention.

Gotcha, we've got deposits in Michigan too. AFAIK we're not able to return crushed cans though (barcode has to be readable). Returning them crushed would definitely save space (and time?)

Yeah if you're going for maximum efficiency, you'd have a little "dinger" up in the part where the can is waiting to be dropped. Ding the side of it just before it drops, and then you need far less force to crush.

Get out.

This scene from Silicon Valley

Feel better?

It's a lot easier to check and remove any pebbles if they're not crushed maybe?

You need to drink water between beer. Water=Milwaukee Best

In my story, I asked for work. Had none. Sucked.

It was all for the better though.

Laziness and necessity. Otherwise, instead of inventing ways to do it more easily, we'd just not do it at all.

How does not crushing them stop that? I would think it's more room to put pebbles into.

I was taught better as a teen. I prefer my alcoholism with a good rum

The best part is the can crusher pays for itself after you collect a mere 1,000,000,000 cans!

Woah, interesting! Where are you from?

Mmm, a can crusher that goes both ways. Kinky.