Anon's friend goes to Geek Squad

Anon's friend goes to Geek Squad

when a robot gets cucked by best buy

Geek Squad just con normies out of money, it's sad. Especially when the knowledge required for their expertise can be mastered in a matter of days.

"Software Engineer"="I built a computer for a friend one time"

I guess you can call me a software engineer.

It's all about knowing the right things to google.

I don't know what geek squad is but I assume that it's a tech support company. If I'm right I can't blame them for making massive money by simply abusing idiots. The girl clearly has enough money to spend or she would have attempted to repair it on her own.

And if you can't, you can just google what is the right thing to google

this is the result when shitheads collide.

GS does nothing more than update programs. If they can't fix it, it suddenly becomes a "virus" and whole HDD has to be degaussed and replaced.

It's best buy's tech support and they of course take advantage of idiots, every computer repair place I've been at did that.