Anon messes up

Anon messes up

Don't you hate it when you heil hitler in public?

Just the other day I tripped a bit and screamed heil Hitler at the top of my lungs in the office at work. Funny how that happens

Well, that's just not reich

Why would i?


"anon goes to a public place" fake

"qt3.14 wants to take pictures with anon" gay

fake and gay


Exactly, why would anyone hate it?

This can be proved

Anon cosplaying


Anon at a social event


A girl went close to anon by her own choice


Fake and gay

"won't you be my Eva Braun?"


Fake and gay

qt3.14 wanted a pic with solaire though, not op

That is pretty gay

Double fake all gaysies

"you'll be dead in 40 hours either way"

op is a neckbeard dressed like solaire, in a room full of nerds

Haha this would be even funnier if I knew who that character was

He's this guy who squats, extends, puts his arms out, then praises the sun.


Someone from naruto


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