[Announcement] Contest Thread postponed due to Technical Difficulties

[Announcement] Contest Thread postponed due to Technical Difficulties

Guten tag, meine lieben.

Unfortunately, it seems that forcing you to play with gods and religion might have infuriated some sort of deity, and now due to unforeseen circumstances, namely technical difficulties, we find ourselves amidst hardships to get this monthly contest going.

Thus, we have decided that the contest thread will be postponed for A FULL WEEK, or until all the technical problems on our side can be solved.

Additionally, we will NOT be accepting new entries for the contest, so that everything is fair to everyone and nobody gets extra time.

The effort to keep up to our standards is already immense, and by hand the effort and w├Ârkload grow exponentially. And all of you, dearest /sub/polandball subscribers, lurkers and minions, deserve the best quality entertainement, and we mods, deserve to have fun oppresing machinery, scripts and bots.

In the meantime, stay oppressed under our glorious rule.

Ende of announzment. Peace. Polenballmod aus.

I fried the bottom of my notebook, if i'm lucky it''s just the cable to my harddrive, but I might also have killed the HD. With all the scripts on it to run a contest and more importantly to store the results and to resolve it.

A whole week? Whaaaaaat happened on your end?


Polandballmod demanded more blood to function.

All entries have been packed and put into a fortified vehicle which, as we speak, is heading to a high security facility accompanied by heavy armed polandballmod minions.

The comics will remain there heavily guarded until further procedure is greenlighted by our master-coder.

We strongly suggest the participants to remain calm and to not talk about or show their contest entries. We will find out, believe me.

Computers may or may not have exploded.

... well, then.

Time to masturbate.

No, unfortunately not. It''s a set of scripts and it''s basically to complicated to explain to somebody else what and in which order has to be done. Classic quick and dirty naturally grown coding

Ah great, now I need to wait another week and two days for my impending doom.

The threads are no longer running on time!