Annis Savestra Available To Buy From

Annis Savestra Available To Buy From

Price: $990,000

Vehicles That Are On Sale

Coil Cyclone ($1,323,000)

Grotti Visione ($1,575,000)

FH-1 Hunter ** Trade Price: $2,325,000 ** Regular Price: $3,092,250

P-45 Nokota ** Trade Price: $1,496,250 ** Regular Price: $1,990,013

Ardent ($862,500)

APC ** Trade Price: $1,743,750 ** Regular Price: $2,319,188

Properties That are on sale MOC ($612,500) ** First Time Purchase Only Other Note Worthy Things

Snow still snowing

Slashers still 2x RP + Money

Occupy 2x RP + Money

990k? HAH nope it is.

You can add about 300k-400k onto that too because it has a ridiculous about of mods available in customs.

But it looks like a Mazda RX-3, so I'll be getting one.

Shit I just bought a MOC last night

i'll wait for a discount as usual, cause i like the aesthetics too..

it doesn't, they're optional

YES! I'll be getting the Savestra when I get home from work. I don't care how much it costs, it's my absolute favorite model they've ever added. RX-3s are so badass.

Of course I finally bought my MOC a few days ago, just before this sale. RIP 600k

Legit bought and upgraded it yesterday. I feel your pain.

Don’t worry. I bought the Nightshark a couple days before it last went on sale.