Animatronic spy monkey finds home within Langur monkey colony.

Animatronic spy monkey finds home within Langur monkey colony.

Why do I feel guilty.. as if my team played a mean trick on their team..

It's not a real experiment until you make a monkey question its own mortality.

One of the monkeys checking it out at the end:

"Guys, he's not real."


Amazing but I kinda wanted spymonkey to come back to 'life', I wonder how the live monkeys would have reacted then?

drops baby from tree

"Ah shit its dead"

Because we did? I feel bad because they probably think it's a dead baby.

"All of you have loved ones. All can be returned. All can be taken away."

It's like a small monkey west world.

Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday

What I don't get is... Why do they need this? They're acting like this moment wouldn't have been seen without the 'spy monkey' but the shot shows the monkey right there and they have 4 or 5 other angles they switch between, meanwhile the spy monkey is getting a lovely shot of the fucking sky. What was the point of the robot when they already have cameras either well hidden enough, or able to zoom enough, that they can film them that closely?

"We left this bag of mail at the edge of the troupe and the monkeys have entertained themselves for the better part of an hour, going through the parcels and letters. But silence descends on the group gathered around when one of them discovers a letter from the NHS indicating that the Alpha male has been diagnosed with leukemia."

The whole thing is kind of weird.

"Guys, I'm pretty sure he's a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton."


it took me longer than it should have to notice that this was the onion.

RIP Baby Spy Monkey

"Then something extraordinary happens..."

I thought the monkeys were gonna perform mouth to mouth resuscitation or something.

I'd feel bad without any editing as long as i had an explanation if what was going on. Clearly the monkey that dropped the baby felt something like guilt. Can you imagine thinking you killed a baby but it was some alien infiltration robot. You went your whole life not knowing and instead wracked with guilt.

"god damnit trudy, not again"

"Doesn't look like anything to me."

So you think it's ok to make someone suffer emotional pain, if the source of the pain is fake to us?

With less robot sex

These violent delights have violent ends

Because that's how the editors wanted you to feel.

nooo monkies! it was just a prank :(

I think the big role the spy monkey played was 'dying'. There's probably a pretty slim chance of them actually witnessing the pack(?) of monkeys grieving over the death of a real baby, even with camera crews around.

upvote for David Tennant's immediately recognizable Scottish brogue


I just teared up! They're devastated over it, hugging each other! Oh my heart..

Almost everything is not the end of the world. Hiroshima being blown up wasn't the end of the world. Small pox obliterating native americans wasn't the end of the world. The Great Depression wasn't the end of the world.

'Not the end of the world' is a poor marker for morality and ethics.

That is much more funny than the story.

no in this series they have "spy" creatures of all kinds. it's meant to just get the point of view of being that animal, interacting with their own kind.

I was kind of expecting one of them to just throw it down the cliff.

One of the great things watching David Attenborough documentaries as a kid is how he'd totally point out how completely fucked some situation was, then wax a little poetic about it and segue quickly to something less mentally taxing.

(David Attenborough voice) "And, one by one, pair bonded members of the monkey troupe go to where the robot monkey lay motionless and mate, sometimes standing directly over the ersatz corpse, perhaps as a celebration of life and their own mortality. But they have another, more pressing reminder: The alpha female has spotted a pack of jackals on the prowl..."

I was hoping for a monkey preacher.

I think we underestimated the intellect that animals truly possess. This experiment really teaches us that monkeys have fur.

Damn these animatronic onions! That's heart breaking and cool at the same time.

You and me both. I didn't notice the logo until it got to the alcoholism part.

Damn synths.

Probably monkey religion.

That's how Jesus happened

They probably got plenty of footage of that, but thought this was a nicer story for the TV.

I dunno, play some funny circus music and cut the narrator and I would chuckle. I mean c'mon... Monkeys

Make life like animal of a certain species

Have it die in front of same species

Sell as lakefront property


We have to take the programme makers word for it that it was not edited in anyway to display this kind of behavior.

Who else was super-hoping the monkey would spring back to life at the end and do a jig?

Damnit, they got us again!

i said something like guilt. Because he/she knew they dropped the baby because they immediately went over to check on it. That's an acknowledgement that something happened. So whatever it is this monkey thinks an action it did resulted in the death of a baby. I would wager if the monkeys don't give a shit they wouldn't have a ritual of mourning as shown in the video. Thus there is probably something like guilt going on in that monkeys head

Dirty synths

Interesting, but i think they're trying too hard with the editing to make it look more sad.


It's Sleepy Gary all over again!

So are you denying everything in the video? Are you saying that none of that was emotional response to a dead baby?

Or are you just being le cynical internet guy who gets a kick out of telling people they are stupid for believing A FUCKING BBC DOCUMENTARY.

Either way you are clearly working with confirmation bias, probably because you desperately want to be "the guy who figured it out". There was clear and obvious emotional response in that video, even if you want to deny it.

The monkey delights have monkey business ends

Spy Monkey Spy, make your "mother?" cry

You're old enough to know better

So Spy Monkey Spy

Doesn't ook like anything to me.

well i think the first monkey that picked it up thought it was dead too. i mean it doesnt really move like a monkey, and its probably a little stiff..

I know, but I mean in this specific instance, the big role the baby spy monkey played was dying, since most of the scenes were shown from outside cameras anyway.

It seized all it's motor functions.

Yeah, I'm not convinced. Remove the sad music, watch the video muted, and it's just a bunch of monkeys touching and looking confused at the puppet. Maybe they don't fully realize he's fake, but I don't think they're treating him as completly real either.

One cannot experience what it is to not exist because lack of existing is lack of experience.

Come for the heartbreak of depressed monkeys, stay for the witty comments.

"He wasn't real?"

"He was a real piece of shit."