Angela Merkel on holidays. Can't get any more german than this.

Angela Merkel on holidays. Can't get any more german than this.

Is She doing anything evil with Magneto, or just holidays?

she looks so happy to be on holiday

It's a Lidl mountain.

I was expecting socks with sandals. :(

I have resting bitch face, too. But if youre a politician and constantly have to deal with bullshit and worry about lots of things, you get the granite bitchface merkel has :')

that they're not going for a hike, but to the supermarket, dressed like they're going for a hike

They look like a normal couple going for a hike. Whats the typical german thing here, that i fail to see?

She has that sad face, kinda make me sad too.

Well, simply from the fact that they are shutting the fuck up, you can point out that they are not Italians.

why not both?

It's a little sad politicians can't get some privacy when on holiday.

It's a little sad they're trying to take away everyone's privacy

Hopefully she doesn't get bothered by the local hobo again

Hopefully she doesn't get bothered by the

Wrong! I don't see Unisex Jack Wolfskin clothing.

So she's the risk taker in the family?

Socks not fully rolled up

only one foot on the bar

not clutching on the backpack and sticks like it contains your more valuable possessions ever.

Until you: kick stone with big toe, or stone lands on toes, or you scrape sharp edge of stone with foot, or you lost grip on ferata or you get into afternoon storm with hail and bitter cold.

Sandals are not proper footwear for alpine environment.

Unless you hike grassy terrain, then ok.

source: some of my pals are members of mountain rescue and they have to risk own skin for lightheaded members of tribe that goes by name "StupidALot".

To the supermarket. With a chairlift. Right.

That's how Czechs do it nowadays. Especially when mountain climbing.

Spuren der Macht, Traces of Power, a quite famous series of portraits this photographer has done of several German politicians.



I fucking love this pun. And i'm feeling horrible for being such an easy pun whore.

She is the most normal human I have ever seen in any branch of government. I love that she is boring.

Did he just say Becks

Where's the beer?

I have to say that Madame Merkel looks very excited from her holidays. ;)

"Look over there, you see that small dark spot on the glacier? That's where I left my brother to die."

Germans capitalize everything.

Why would you go for fashionable instad of practical when you go hiking, especially as a married couple in your 60s? I guess I am too German to understand that.

Germans are as proud of Becks as americans are of bud light

Well they are carrying swords

the socks

He did! Where is my pitchfork?

Probably was sold out because teachers just had pay day

Hate to be the devils advocate, but it's actually very hygienic and quite comfortable as well...

Ah yes because politicians are one monolithic bloc and definitely not individual people

Where there are mountains, there are Czech hikers to rescue.

Capitalize the S in She? Has She reached the goddess status already?

Isn't that Reinhold Messner?

Yeah, until our mountain rescue has to airlift you from the Alps after you get stuck :)

He just kind of still lives his life. If I recall correctly, he's a professor and researcher still and rarely makes appearances except for really important events, like when heads of state meet with their families, state dinners, or October Fest. Unlike the sterotypical "first lady" mentality that many wives of heads of state seem to have (in the spotlight, next to their husbands, etc. ) Mr. Merkel still just is Mr. Merkel.

Only nouns.

That's the first lift in the morning, the bag is just full of towels to put everywhere.

He doesn't share her last name, his name is Joachim Sauer.

So low key, I didn't even know his name

This picture is fake. Everyone knows that german vacations consist of extra work

Great to see she prefers to stay in Germany for her holidays!

In Germany you need a special permit to have fun and the quota for 2017 was already given away.

She is Mutti, Queen of Germany, Breaker of Asylum Laws, Mother of Refugees, Protector of the 28 kingdoms.

She's gone on holiday with Ian McKellen?

The elite and their celebrity friends.

Yeah what a daredevil.


If they're in southern Germany I'd wear long socks, lots and lots of ticks in the woodland/grassland areas this time of year.

Personally I like her husband even more. Dont know exactly why. I think it`s the modesty of them.

Joschka Fischer lost a serious amount of weight in '95/'96.

A real german has a allwetterjacke, because man weiß ja nie

I'm oddly proud.

The look of stoic disappointment?

She put a few bottles of Becks in the bag hence why your man is embracing it so tightly.

And the respectful form of the personal pronoun for second & female third person singular - "Sie".

Only when adressing someone, as in "You", otherwise it's "sie'".

You made me look up Joachim Sauer and now I know that he's a quantum chemist. Another useless fact I'll probably remember for years.

Carrying beer in a backpack is more of a "student in their 20s" thing than a German thing.

I dont think socks help against ticks.

It's the German way.

There's a large chance that if he had tried harder to save his brother, they both would have died.

Joschka Fischer looks like he keeps getting replaced by a slightly younger and more portly man for each photo.

That is just her face. I guess she's just smiling in the wrong direction.

why wear socks with sandals when you can wear your precious WANDERSCHUHE :)

Definitely feels like that way for the coalition parties.

Is that the famous mountaineer Ötzi?

You didn't get the memo? Jack Wolfskin is a dead brand nowadays.

We Germans switched a few years ago to Wellensteyn, Engelbert-Strauss and Northface.

I own all three. All my Jack Wolfskin has gone to charity.

Time to update your German detector!

My music teacher had a complete Jack Wolfskin wardrobe from shoes to trousers, shirts and jackets.

Source i am German

can confirm

source: italian

She's working as QA for the chair lift.

practical but not really fashionable

I see this not only happens in Croatia. x)

Wow, people still remember that?

I find the assumption a bit unfair. Lack of oxygen and extreme conditions aren't conducive to rational actions. I doubt even himself even know, what exactly happened to his brother.

Thats it. "We go there for 20 years and want no surprises".

That's for sightseeing.

For hiking, it's hiking boots.

Austrians? If you mean 1870s?

I come from a Mediterranean country that gets tourists from all over Europe. The older German tourists always look like they're going to go for a hike

The sound of his mom getting shot in the face by Nazi's?


"I had fun once. It was awful."

Not just the female - German here - "Sie" applies to both genders. For example "Möchten Sie noch etwas?" Doesn't specify the gender of the person who is being asked


Leader of the free world.

We should make that a czech motto. Seriously people how come every time a tourist gets stuck its 90 percent someone form Czech Republic.

This URL sounds like the noise my fat uncle makes after sneezing.

Well would you be happy trying to enjoy your holidays and random people keep taking pictures of you?

Madness. Next thing you'll tell me is she doesn't wash her yoghurt cups before throwing them into the recycling bin?

They don't call her Radikangela for no reason.

Also wear them when u buy groceries. Peeps gotta know you be hikin later this year

He did gain all of it back though. I can't count how many times he went from overweight to thin and from thin to overweight.

I did think about that when I typed it...

But my point still stands, everyone deserves privacy.

Most boring paparazzi job ever

I thought that was Sir Ian McKellen and some random woman/guy.

Here, have an upvote.

Yeah weird way to spell Augustiner.

Its shit beer from northern Germany. Prussian pisswater.

Man, fuck the stigma against socks and sandals. Sure it looks a bit goofy, but it's damn comfortable.

Well I dont disagree with you. After all this it s a trait that people make fun of but secretly are jealous of




Germanness confirmed.

Spanish couples going for a walk/hike usually don't look like this. That's the typical german thing here I guess.

I understood the word 'etc'.

Being German

Netzwerkdurchsuchungsgesetz, Vorratsdatenspeicherung, etc, etc

It's a beer that was created in Germany, didn't have any success, was duplicated in america, got successfull there and returned home

but the opinion of the local population barely changed, so most people think of it as overrated piss

There is a fun quota market, much like for CO2 emission certificates.

We export our excess fun permits to the UK, the english like to glass people in the face and the scots are big on the occasional recreational stabbing.

Those cultural differences are always amazing, I mean we like to play forklift simulator for fun.

Although that might be the reason we can sell so many fun permits

In the backpack between the white socks and the sandals.

What sound could possibly drive a man to such violent action?

no it's 'Lidl'