And you know she drives an Altima

And you know she drives an Altima

You know her son play football, and she dress him like the nigga that left her.

Where's the Micheal Kors bag at though?

I'm a car salesman. They always buy altimas. They also do have good credit 9 times out of 10.

I feel personally attacked by this as a nurse with a son named Aiden. I have a Toyota though. Assholes! Lol

Until they meet the right dude to fuck it allllll up

Yoooooo lmao 


Yoooooo lmao


My sister is going through nursing school to support herself and my nephew Aiden. She drives a Bronco though.

Edit: She's not on Reddit but I told her about your responses. She wanted me to pass on her thanks, peace, and love. Yall are a hell of a community.

This. Always this. The nigga never has a car either. He has to borrow hers.

Altimas are reliable unlike all the men in their life.

Every demographic was represented.

Also, can I crash at your place for a while?

When she graduates, she'll be trading that bronco in at the Nissan dealership

This bitch even uses off-brand search engines

"What are these missing assignments, did Ayden know about these? Please send me all assignments and ruberics so I know what my son is missing."

No bitch, I only give homework to some kids and just decided your kid isn't worth it.

Sorry, getting PTSD from these moms as a first year teacher.

Edit: Accidentally added an "e" to rubric while typing on mobile, please don't get me fired.

It's the cheapest designer bag you can get. They sell em at Marshalls for less than $100 but you still get that designer bag flex.

Yeah but its called Newport, not support.

These seats support me like he never would.

Dude, I'm a nurse. A lot of us (male and female) are batshit. Lots of codependency issues mixed with long shifts, horrible managers, constant life and death choices, and caregiver empathy fatigue.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you come to that name for your son ?

And has to bum money for cigarettes of her.

The book Freakonomics has a chapter about how names start at the high end of the social ladder and slide down until they become the names of the socioeconomically low.

The gist of it is that

those with college degrees are more likely to choose unconventional names for their children, then those names circulate among their class and become saturated, then the lesser well off start to notice and aspirationally pick up the trend, then the trend is dead and upper class moms look for new names.

and ayden's definitely a little shit

It was a bunch of old white people dancing?

ayo what’s up with all this shade being thrown at nurses

So she single? I need a place to crash.

Dating app headline "PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME"

Change names to memes and that's what happens when normies get a hold of them

You gotta price check the maxx tho. I picked up a purse I fell in love with. Tag said it was 275... I refuse to believe it was that much. I goggled the retail of the brand. That same bag retailed for $40. I called the manager with the quickness. They sold me the bag for $30.

Pay attention to dem tags ya'll.

What is with Michael Kors bags. Every single woman I know is obsessed with them. They all have the same kind of bags.

Get that joint at Ross for $45-50

You can tell a person's race by their dish soap in my experience.

Blue Dawn? White person.

Green Palmolive? Latino.

Orange Ajax? Black person.

Hey, newports aren't free

I graduated in 2003. If your parents were interacting with any of your teachers it was because you fucked up biiiiig.

For real why the hell is it always an Altima????

Of course not, just know what you're getting into. Healthcare can be a brutal field. If you notice yourself drinking too much or starting other maladaptive behaviors, get professional help. Nobody can deal with this kind of stress every day for their entire career without help. If you try to swallow it, you'll burnout.

On the physical side, watch your diet and sleep patterns. Emotionally draining 12 hour shifts can really fuck you into obesity and diabetes fast. Exercise, eat right, and sleep as regularly as you can. Make taking care of yourself a priority so you can live a quality life past your retirement.

All that said, we need new nurses that are ready to deal with the clusterfuck that is healthcare in 2017 and beyond. When I drop from an MI from not following any of my own advice, I want skilled nurses at my bedside!

Yo stop it. She has a memorial sticker for her dead mom in the rear window. Like five of the letters fell off tho

You're crazy if you think loui is in the same league as Michael Kors and Coach. MK is just affordable for a "designer" bag so more people can justify getting them versus a $1,000+ loui.

In that Altima is the stethoscope draped over the rear view mirror

Yo TJ to the Maxx

As someone who graduated high school in 2006, why do I get the feeling that an entirely different species of parents is now interacting with teachers?

I mean, back in my day, our parents had us work things out directly with our teacher, and teachers wouldn't even mess with discussing with parents except for severe discipline issues or the annual parent-teacher conference.

Maybe its because texting was not common back then, and that email wasn't used much in school settings at that time? (it was mostly a white-collar thing in the mid-2000's, and there was still a lot of aversion to technology.)


Because latinos have a weird brand loyalty. They all use green Palmolive dish soap too.

With a fuel economy more efficient than your man is at holding down a job.

Pinky really let herself go

There’s an 87% chance the last chick is a single mom with a half black kid

Nahhhh the Asian chick is 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

Red Dawn? Wolverines!

Is it too late to blame Dove?

The green bottle is like a beacon. Plus the tub next to it with watered down soap.

Holy shit I know completely dependent single 22 year olds with no obligations who don’t have the mental strength to get through nursing school. Congrats to her when she graduates.

Lmao T-shirt, skinny jeans, Timbs and a flannel T-shirt tied around the waist.

Lmao T-shirt, skinny jeans, Timbs and a flannel T-shirt tied around the waist.

There isnt gonna be any time for no sexual healing after a 14 hour shift

Going for her RN. And Aiden is her oldest kid. She got twins a little younger too. Graduates in May.

No from Pinky and the brain

Dropping her off at work and afterwards going to his side chick crib in her damn whip.

Wrong demographic

If she is a registered nurse, fuck with her, stay away from the medical billing coders and the nurse assistants that be frontin like they are nurses on their IG.

Since we're asking questions, will I ever find true love?

and her Nissan Altima.

And lesbians and Subaru Outbacks

Need a boyfriend and a father

Actual nursing school or med tech type school? cuz raising a kid in nursing school sounds like fucking hell.

He plays toddler football too

Shit what's wrong with a stable good paying job with benefits. TBH Im trying to find me a nurse rn. Need that sexual healing.

Noooooooooo. You know the slimy car salesmen love that shit.

Car salesman sees her pull up in her bronco and he rings the service department up beforehand to tell them to prep and wash an Altima because it’s about to drive off the lot

So what you’re telling me is...don’t follow my goal of becoming a nurse ://

When you're spending money you need and there's no net you have a lot more motivation

Just graduated nursing. There were like six parents in the class, three came in married, two more were divorced by the end of it. Somehow they always had the best grades even with a full time job and a kid or two.

Lmao it's either a Altima or a Chrysler 300

She will be after she graduates!

👊 my man!

Mike Tyson claps like a drunk orangutan

I mean they're not wrong most of the time

nissan is known as a super easy lender and its way easier to get a loan from nissan dealerships than it is toyota or honda

I don't want to say they're 'trashy', they serve a need and people gotta get to work, but theres a reason nissan dealers are often close to rent n roll


well until yall wanna slap that uniform on and clean shit and blood and get yelled at for helping people, I'd sit down/be humble smh ;_;

LV said over 99.9% of bags with there logo on them are fake. It is the most counterfeited brand there is.

It's the cheapest designer that's available Macy's. If you see her walking around with a LV or Chanel, it's more than likely a knock off. LV and Chanel got fucking personal security in the store.

I feel like that could be true for all four of them.

Ayden, Jayden, Rayden, Hayden, Okayden.

A boombox can change the world.

You mean the chocolate right? Even the asian chick is thicc.

just ain’t right this can never be top comment.

Being invested in your kid's academics is different than harassing their teachers directly.

Yeah I'm a computer science major and one of my classmates is in his early 40s and has a kid. Worked as a mechanic all his life and wants to give his kid a better life situation and encourage him to go to college.

Holy hell the guy is intense. I have three classes with him and he made a perfect score on each midterm. He is not here to fuck around.

Open the cupboard under the sink, purple fabuloso

This got too real for me

TIL I'm black. My mom has some questions to answer...

Someday soon we'll be seeing an influx of kids named Jizanthapus

Subaru actually marketed specifically to lesbians in the 90s. It was very subtle and they only did it after they noticed one demographic was over-represented in their customer base.

Real answer: Nissan approves people with shittier credit than others at a better rate.

Plus, their lease deals are usually pretty good and a fair amount of their dealerships have incentives like lifetime oil changes.

Honda and Toyota think they don't need to offer those things and their cars sell themselves.

Daaaaaaaamn. I don't know many people, but I know a girl exactly like this. except she drives a camry.

Lmao this must apply to you. Relax Issa joke 🙄

Seems like most small cities in the US are full of single-mom CNA/LNPs who have a biracial kid out of wedlock by the time they're 23. They all seem to get their education by some shoddy for-profit medical diploma mill.

Bought an Altima 3 months ago...didnt know any if this. Now I'm embarrassed.

It’s okay. I just discovered I’m a Latina. It’s a confusing day.

The real ones hold up incredibly well- like, forever, even with heavy use. Lifetime repair, etc.

They could all get it, just not enthusiastically.

The taller ones kinda have bellies. They're probably insecure, whereas the smaller ones have seemingly flatter stomachs. I used to do the same when I was chubby n had bitch tits (I'd cross my arms). It's sad how having a pretty avg body makes us so insecure when they probably had better bodies in HS (but who didn't).