And to this day, this is why I turn the water off while brushing my teeth

And to this day, this is why I turn the water off while brushing my teeth

This kid lives in the weirdest neighborhood.

I never understood why you would run the water while brushing. I was surprised it was a thing.

I love how he looks around through the 4th wall.

Do you ignore the fish when they call? How rude

Everyone in here is talking about water conservation, and I'm just sitting here being impressed with the animation from this short on Sesamec Street.

Depends on the scale of their request

Before I saw this tip years ago it never even occurred to me to leave the water running.

When I saw people doing it, it always bothered me. Its like leaving the refrigerator door open too long.

As a kid, my allowance was how far below set targets our utility bills were for the house. There were some months where, as a 12 year old kid, my monthly allowance was about $250

To this day, when I take a shower, I turn the water on to get wet, turn it back off while I scrub, and then turn it back on to rinse. Because the money I save on utilities in my own home is still my allowance.



You can't break what's not there!

Amateur. A real Hustler would have used a full month's allowance to invest in energy-saving measures like LED light bulbs thereby permanently increasing his income over time.

A pro Hustler would have saved up and installed a solar panel array to cover the heating and cooling demands.

Kids these days...


You mean you don't live in a neighborhood where a fish shits directly into the pipe that services your house?

EDIT: And that your home water supply holds approximately 4 gallons of water?

Everyone's worried about the water and no one mentions the fucking fish that somehow has a phone and has the kid's number. And speaks English!


Don't worry, technology has covered this. These days appliances beep the shit out of you if you, until you correct your mistake.

Attention! The fridge door remains open. Please close it immediately. You have five seconds to comply.

closes the door



I see we've got ourselves a Mexican meme-off

And yet it takes seven litres of water to make one litre of Coke. Oh, and Nestle, fuck Nestle, they're about the same.

More like spent a few months using high cost and inefficient appliances in order to drive up the average utility cost, and then injecting a month of extreme savings every few months.

The animation is so deliciously fluid and beautiful in this!

Apparently it was made by Klasky Csupo.

👆( ͡° 👄. ͡° ) ☝️

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Right? I just use like 1/10th of a second of cold water to wet my brush, then I don't use it again for like two minutes. Why the hell would I leave it running?

Industry is the biggest users/wasters of water.

Sesamec Street.

Is that some sort of religious cult?

What do they do with the water that goes down the kids drain? Ship it to mars?

I could just wash it away at the end


Why leave the water running? Here's why.

It makes a lot of sense to not waste water. In some areas. In others, not so much. Over here in Germany, rain is plenty, groundwater is fine. No scratch that. Overzealous water-conservation has led to rising groundwater that becomes a problem to basements built for lower levels (in some areas).

Water conservation also means that fresh water travels too slowly from water plant to homes (in some areas), so fresh water is taken from the mains and flushed to the wastewater pipes. If it takes too long to travel from water plant to homes, quality will deteriorate.

Also, waste water infrastructure was built for more waste than modern homes in their craze to save water produce, so in some places the waste travels too slowly, ferments and causes damage to the waterways requiring the waste pipes to be flushed with fresh water the idiots in their homes tried to preserve.

This all raises the amount of money needed to produce the fresh water consumed, even as the amount of water drops. So price rises for no fucking reason other than stupid ads and stupid people.

In the end, there's more fresh water than we consume, all water goes to the sea eventually, groundwater is fine to a degree where areas that are (historically, as in several hundred years ago) drained swamps start facing damp basements. "Saving water" may be fine in California, direly needed in Nevada but in other places it will cause a host of issues.

Which is why I leave the water running with good concience. Simply so I don't have to turn it on with hands that might have toothpase sprinkled on them after brushing the teeth. Water is plenty and cheap and dilluting the waste water makes life easier for the water treatment facility, too.

It has always weirded me out that we focus on "have a shorter shower!" to save water instead of industry standards. The difference in scale is monumental.

As a person who loves to take steamy 30 minute showers, fuck it.

I would love to know the name of the studio in charge. Bang up job!

It's by Peter Chung, who would go on to animate the intro for Rugrats and created Aeon Flux!


Good old-fashioned *

And your house has four walls?!

It's eco-theater. It makes us happy to think that we're doing our bit to recycle, use less electricity and water and think we're saving the planet. Which is dwarfed by companies leaving the lights on in empty buildings, agriculture pouring trillions of gallons of water onto crops that shouldn't be growing there and company waste all going into a single bin.

My fourth wall keeps breaking!

I agree that you should turn the water off but its not like the water just gets used up. It goes down the drain and right back to a waste water plant in most cases then back to said lake. Furthermore, the amount of water used for by individuals is is only about 10% of all the water used. So with that in mind leaving the water running while brushing your teeth for 30-60 seconds even if done on a massive scale by everyone is hardly going to save any water at all when you factor in all the water that is used. While you are saving a half gallon of water, your neighbor is blasting out 25 gallons a min on his lawn.

Invalid beverage - Please drink real beverage or verification can

That's why it's called the fourth wall!? I'm such an idiot.

I'd say a fish that speaks English and has a phone can look after himself. No need to worry about that fish.

Shit, you just made me realize that '4th wall' is actually referring to the wall that doesn't exist so we can see what's going on in a room. I knew what the term meant but I never made the mental connection.

Yeah holy shit, today I learned! In the back of my mind I always assumed it was abstract like a reference to the 4th dimension or something, cant believe I never realized it was literally the invisible wall between the audience and the room...

Yes!!! Me too, this shit scarred me for life as a child. I freaked out about water conservation because I thought a long shower or washing the dishes with running water was killing fish. I kept yelling at my family to turn their showers off.

I think these PSAs do much more harm than good. People love to be nazis about the little stuff. But it doesn't matter and it distracts from what actually does matter. You want to actually save a lot of water? Convince your whole family to eat vegetarian, vote for massive taxes on meat that doesn't come from crickets, and vote for a ban on corporations and individuals watering lawns. Oh, what's that, you like your hamburgers cheap and you want a green lawn? Ok, just wring your hands about brushing your teeth twice a day.

Same shit about carbon footprints. The only things that actually impact this are 1) do you own a car and 2) do you fly on airplanes. But people would rather cry and wring their hands about turning the lights off when they leave the room for two seconds, because actually changing your lifestyle to avoid cars and international flights takes work. This focusing on microagressions and ignoring the fact that sweeping policy changes are needed basically epitomizes the middle-class millennial liberal who is half "socially conscious" and half just dumb- I say that as one of them.

chugs Pepsi

This man gets modernization.

How about how this kid is brushing his teeth with pond water!?

I see we've got ourselves a good old-fashioned!

Explains why Nickelodeon's cartoons suck now

He has indoor plumbing but no wall. Some priorities there!

As a dad, I like this idea.

And takes hundreds of gallons to produce one burger.

I'm not even vegan but the animal industry is responsible for over 50% of the water consumption in the US, compared to like 5% that's used in homes.

I try to waste as little water as possible, and I think others should do, but I chuckle at the fact that households barely make a dent in the contribution towards water usage, yet governments and PSAs never mention the industries that are probably lobbying the fuck out of everything in order to not be regulated and everyone can turn a blind eye to.

For what they have done, they sure do have an awful website.

pours pepsi into mountain dew can

weird logo

Specifically, I remember them for their .

hello fellow "utilities included" renter!

I imagine these people only brush their teeth for 15 seconds.

CEO level material, this guy.

This makes me wish there was some kind of website for checking if you live in an area where water conservation is unnecessary.

Okay, so either the kid was brushing his teeth for two months straight or the faucet is forcing above 5 gallons per minute. But all of that's immaterial, because the ratio of fish feces to water regardless of the actual size of the fish would mean that you're brushing with slightly diluted fish shit, which is what really concerned me when the video started.

If you live somewhere that isn't supposed to be a desert, then you're probably fine.

Nickelodeon cut ties with them. I don't think they've done anything for 5 years or so.

Judging by the drain pipe it's going straight to the Earth's core

This animation shows the intake pipe coming from the lake and the discharge pipe going deep underground.

Literally the exact opposite of how it works in real life, and the reason that no fish will ever dry out if you leave the water on.

Maybe it's set in Flint ?

Unfortunately, in a single person household like I am now, my water bill is always at the minimum. And with baseboard heating my options are either freeze to death and burst my pipes or run a $200 electric bill in winter months.

I'm too high for this shit

... "In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic xylophone, or something? "

"What do you mean building a major city in the dessert will strain the water supply?"


I see some numbers from USGS in 2005, . It looks like Industrial consumes way more than Livestock.

You could ask somebody else to do it...

This is so wrong on so many levels. It's just false information at this point.

In the country where I live (France), more than 95% of the drinkable water is used for agriculture and to a lesser extent other industries.

Tap water for householders is just a drop in the ocean in term of waste. Not to say that it's good to waste, it's just that the effort has to be done elsewhere to be significant !

Stop washing your cars, stop growing green grass in summer/desert, stop resplenishing your pools, before even consering this actions !

Oh, right, because when you use water it gets shot into space never to return...

I leave it running a little to wash away the bits of toothpaste that fall into the sink as I brush, but come to think of it, I could just wash it away at the end

Isn't the run-off from the child's sink going to end up in ground water?

The gods of Sesamec Street, Bigbirdotl and Elmoc.

On a similar note, does your toothpaste fall off often? My GF drops toothpaste into the sink every single time and I'm just like how??? Keep it on the damn brush!

opens door and closes it again


As a person who pays bills, I like this idea.

Well, dam.

I wonder though where these numbers are coming from, because it's literally unbelievable. Everytime I see them, they are on some kook vegan website.

That's actually the sound of Frank the Fish's dying screams.

Same. Unfortunately it's more or less a token gesture, given that it takes about 441 gallons of water to raise a single pound of beef.

I don't remember any Sesame Street lessons about agribusiness, oddly.

Well that is completely inaccurate but ok

Anyone else get an Aeon Flux animator-vibe? The way the kid moves really reminds me of Aeon...

I like how you are concerned with the water but have no problem that a talking fish lives in the neighborhood and has access to a telephone.

Agreed. I had a house guest once who seemed to think the refrigerator doubled as air-conditioning unit for the kitchen.


Always the grumpy one.

I think about this video every few months. I probably haven't seen it in 20 years and I still remember it perfectly.


I knew it had to be them, they have such a distinct style that it's hard for them to fade into the woodwork.

Thanks for tracking that down!

yeah, slap my ass fridge, ive been naughty

Totally! A life time of turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth won't amount to that 1 time you were hung over in the shower and sat down for an hour.

Also, something I don't see mentioned here is the simple fact that water conversation is only important in arid or dessert climates. when someone from Minnesota runs their water, it comes from the river, goes down the drain, is treated, and goes back into the river. Nearly 0 water is lost. Cost of transporting and treating will always be the same, and volume of water passing through the pipes is almost unrelated to deterioration/costs. Now factor in the fact that farms and businesses are accounting for 90% of the infrastructure use (and 99.9% of the treatment costs, which while not expensive overall, is more expensive than infrastructure upkeep), and you and your family's entire lives worth of water conservation almost literally does not amount to a drop in the bucket.

That's what I assumed. Just film jargon. TIL indeed.