And then everyone started clapping

And then everyone started clapping

Yeah Im sure a college student both A) had the time to join you in your nonsense, and B) agreed to it for absolutely nothing in return

Good luck finding a job as a theatre major lol

Humanities people are so fucking insecure

You can tell this guy is a drama student aha

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My college dorm mate (2 doors down) was an engineer major. Mine was theatre. He made fun of me because I had too much to do to go out on a Friday, making fun of me "only being in theatre." I made him promise (1/2)

"If we go out tonight, you come with me tomorrow to everything I need to do and classes... all of them (yes on a Saturday). He agreed.

Sunday morning (when we finally got done), he said, "I will never.. ever make fun of you ever again."


this never happened

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Good bot

This guy really saying engineering is easier than theatre?

Use the no proof flair boyo

Good human